Help SD Card not supported. Frustrating!

I've had my phone for about 9 months now, I've done everything from rooting to flashing roms and back to SBF'ing. Following all rules that apply. As of last night, I accidently dropped my Droid (not the first time I've done this). Phone battery popped off.

After I put the battery back in and powered my device back up, my SD Card Notification came through and said that the SD Card was unsupported and needed to be reformatted. I then did a battery pull, took out the SD card, put it back in and rebooted. Same error. I've gone through every measure imaginable to try and get this thing working and I can't seem to get it. I've tried Wiping Cache, Factory Reset, Formatting via my DX and also my PC. The PC regonizes the SD Card as a disk drive, so it doesnt do a darn thing either.

My question is, does this mean that my SD Card is shot?! Am I in need of a new one? If anyone has any helpful tips that maybe they know of, that would be greatly appreciated. I just can't believe that all of a sudden, just like that, my SD would crap out. UGH! FML!!!!!! Wish I would've backed up my stuff :/