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Support sd card problems corrupting images

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by soozypoo, May 17, 2012.

  1. soozypoo

    soozypoo Member
    Thread Starter

    Mar 3, 2012
    Hi guys looking for some help,recently bought a 16gb sd card off ebay (2months ago)as my arc one was low on memory.Anyway all has been well until recently when suddenly some of my photos when I looked back at them werent there but just displayed either half of the image or a black square with 2 broken triangles in it,this has gradually happened to a majority of my photos now,but only ones that have been taken over the past month or so,any before that are fine

    Last night i went to see scissor sisters and used my phone as well as camera to take some pics,they were there in my gallery at the time i took them as i scrolled through to have a look but this morning when i went to transfer to my pc they too are all now black with the broken triangles in they dont show up on the phone and on my pc it says windows cannot read this file type.I managed to get 8 of them off this morning but now even those ones are now greyed out and wont open yet they are still there as a file.im pretty pissed off and am trying various things to try and recover the images,is it possible or is it the file itself that is corrupt? I have also noticed that when i look in the file images there are some oddly named files that are made up of symbols and greek letters not the usual dcim and they are very large in size too one has a lot of random symbols and says on it date modified 9/4/2079 and the file size is 2,957,606kb but you cant open the folder to see whats in it

    i have never experienced anything like this before the memory card doesnt appear damaged at all and i havent dropped my phone or taken the sd card out since i purchased it as i always connect via usb cable to get my pics to my pc.Has anyone else had this problem,and is it possible I can retrieve the images that are half gone or have the triangles on .I did try using a free software program to recover deleted images but it has been going all day now from like 9 this morn and is just bringing up hundreds of the same image eg i took a pic of my car and it has recovered 50 of the same image and i know i never took 50 to begin with lol .Do you think this was a dodgy sd card that i purchased ? the pictures when things started to go weird were all taken towards the end of last month when it was one here and there i have noticed that some of the ones that were ok have since duplicated and gone in the middle of the ones i took last night and some of the ones i took last night have changed dates to 3 weeks ago.Another thing i have filmed were under file ext mov,yet the latest ones say ext of VE and they wont play or open either grrrrr

    its bugging me that i cant figure this out what the hell is happening?
    sorry for the long winded post but was trying to explain as clearly as possible all i want is my scissor sisters pics :(


  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Jun 14, 2011
    I have unfortunately experienced this same thing myself. In my circumstance it was a random file that would not delete then once I managed to get rid of it I experienced what i term a creeping corruption of my media files. I was only able to resolve this by formatting the memory card and unfortunately was never able to retrieve the corrupted files.

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