Help SD Card problems need help ASAP


I have a Sprint Galaxy S3 and I recorded a video with it on December 1st I watched it one time then it wouldn't work anymore the duration was 21:01 it was a MP4 file but now it says it's 0kb and the duration says 0:00 the recorded video file is still there it just wont read or play and I don't know what happened if anybody can help please help me thank you


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Are you sure it's still there since it reads 0 kilobytes and 0.00 duration? A number of individuals have complained about their S3 destroying memory cards.


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Sorry to tell you this, but that file is "gone". I had a bunch of MP4s on my Samsung GS3 and they somehow, got corrupted. I tried several data recovery apps, tried copying them to a Mac, and even sent them to a commercial recovery service -- nothing worked!


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Fortunately, I haven't experienced any problems with memory card failures.
ur one of the few! i got a msg saying that the SD card was suddenly removed. Luckily I haven't been using the card because of my ignorance so I didn't lose much. But now I'm loath to even load another card.