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SD Card removed unexpectedly, help!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shaheemie, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. shaheemie

    shaheemie Lurker
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    So pretty much, since yesterday, hooking up my phone to my computer, i've had serious problems with my micro SD card. It is a SanDisk 32g class 4 and I've had it for awhile now previous to the Lucid 2. I've had my Lg Lucid 2 for about two months now, and my sd card being removed happened only a few times, but consistently within the past 24 hours the SD card doesn't stick and can't be read. It gets scanned for files, then it is removed, then almost immediately scanned for files, then removed unexpectedly. This has happened almost immediately after I was done with using it on my computer for transferring my music over.

    So far I've reformatted the micro SD card on my PC, then I've factory reset my phone. Now the SD card is totally not read, and plugging my phone into my computer, my PC can't detect the SD card through the phone, but the SD card can be seen with a card reader. And checking now, there is now a LOST.DIR file created on it, so now I'm even more confused.

    I'm not the most tech savvy, but is there anything else to do, or is buying another SD card the solution? Is there a way to know if it's the SD card problem or my phone problem?

    Any help would be most excellent.

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  2. scibot

    scibot Newbie

    I've heard of sandisk 32GB micro sd cards doing this, I believe people who had those issues got a defective sd card, so you could try contacting Sandisk support and see what they say. I'm betting they will want you to rma it. Good luck! Oh wait this thread is like a month old, darn it, ah well.

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