Dec 13, 2009
So, I plugged my phone into the usb port on my computer so I could play some music files directly from it (I had just downloaded some music last night and transfered it to my phone). I try to open up the phone from WMP and the phone freezes. I take the back off...The phone restarts and now its saying i have a blank sd card in the notifications field. I took it out and put it back in. No Luck

I clicked the option to format the sd card (thats all i can do) and nothing happens the notification doesnt change, it doesnt do anything at all. I tired to connect to my computer thru usb and format from there , once i click format in the explorer window the phone disconnects, the computer says there is no disk in 'F:" and im asked to mount again on my phone. This cycle over and over.

What am I supposed to do?
Do you have a USB adapter for the SD card? Have you just tried throwing it into a USB adapter and formatting it? If you did indeed hose the card, an 8gig card will only set you back about 15 bucks.