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Support SD card support

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yatimameiji, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. yatimameiji

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    Dec 9, 2009

    Dec 9, 2009
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    There are a few threads going on about sd cards, so I have some info and a question.

    What I found gives me the best experience with sd cards is to use a brand name card. Back when I had a Behold II(>_> dont look at me), there were a mix of users who either had gotten the Samsung branded sd card like me or had a non-branded one. One of the big gripes was random mount/unmount and data lost. Reading theses posts I found they all had non-branded cards. So pay a few bucks more and get a quality card.

    Next is actually using the card. Regardless of brand/non-brand, I found users who had data loss where misusing the card. Always, and I mean ALWAYS us the safely remove action first before unpluging the card. This goes for any other usb disk. Once it says its safe to remove, then you can unplug the phone. This action forces any cached or pending writes to the device and makes sure anything that might be accessing the device to stop.

    Also for good measure, use the phone to format. Its the device you are going to be using it with, then use it to do the formatting. I do this with any other device as well. No good techincal reason beyond well I think its a good idea.

    Finally my question. What speed(class) does the phone support? I think I remember reading that sdhc doesn't work. If thats the case, then what is the highest class to get?


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