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i'm very new to android phones, and i can't figure out how to use my sd card. please help thanks.
What are you talking about? What do you mean howto use SD Card? What is it that you trying to do? that might help abit don't do you think?
See you left info again, why not be clear? If your using specific app then same how you save it you open though it. Now if you mean you want access the mSD though your phone then you need file browser, so if you don't have it then go download it.


Well, if I am reading your question correctly you want to save Titanium (the program not just the backups) to your SD card. And for that, you'll need Apps2SD (A2SD). I ain't sure how to get this on a stock phone, I have the Icarus ROM (the operating system) and it came with it already installed. So Google search or serch on here for A2SD and you should be able to find what you need. If not, post back here but please be more specific in your questions next time. "Can't figure out how to use my sd card" is quite vague, don't ya think? At first I though you didn't know where to insert it into the phone.


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how do you save titanium backup to your sd card and not in a folder? thanks everyone.
You can't save apps to your sd card. If you are looking for pictures or videos that you took or downloaded, they will be in your gallery. You don't really have to do anything to save to the card, it will save there automatically. If it's not working, you may have to format the card first.