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SD channels not scaling right

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by jralabate, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. jralabate

    jralabate Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So this is wut is goin on. My HD channels are all in 16:9(fills the screen) But my SD channels revert to 4:3(black bars on both left and right) With out the Logitech Revue it did not do this. When I change to a SD channel it will start in 16:9 then it will "SNAP" to 4:3 and stay at 4:3. Yes i have the 4:3 override set to stretch. But here is the thing....if I'm on a SD channel then i goto Chrome and hit the "Live TV" button on my keyboard the SD channel go's to 16:9. So I have found a work around BUT I want a FIX. So has anyone had this problem? Does anyone know a FIX? Please help!

    Here is my setup.
    TV: Westinghouse VR-3235
    Google TV: Logitech Revue 3.1
    Cable Box: Motorola DCX3501-M
    Cable Provider: Cableone

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