Help SD/file problems


Hey guys so i'm down right puzzled on what the junk is going on with my phone @___@. (ie just bought HTC Vivid so kinda android noob here) However, this pertains more to the kindle app so i don't know if i should be asking the kindle people or you fine folk ^__o... sooOooo Anywhozzels here goes...

For some odd reason i can't see any of my ebooks that i place in my kindle folder on my phone? Or rather they won't show up in the app even if i put it in the kindle folder on the SD? Likewise any ebooks that i have emailed to me via amazon don't show up on my SD card either however i can see those in the app? it's like they're magically floating in some never never land on my phone? I'd like to be able to see the files via computer kindle folder so i can transfer them onto a different device i have. So now that i'm confuzzeled you all let's break this down

1. ebooks not showing up on SD card
2. ebooks placed manuelly on SD card via computer to Kindle folder not showing up on phone.
3. can send ebooks to phone via email from amazon but still can't be seen on SD card
4. would like to be able to edit ebooks via SD card on computer but can't

any help would be AWESOME :3