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Seamless Internet connection and message app simplicity

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Vincentevoletah, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Vincentevoletah

    Thread Starter

    I have two issues on the S7 in which I believe should have solutions considering they aren't issues on my dated S4.

    1. Seamless transition from WiFi and 4G.
    On my S4 It would have a WiFi preference but before I would lose my connection with WiFi but it was about to, it would switch to 4G seamlessly so that I wouldn't notice a break in connection. I would think that the S7 should be capable of this considering the S4 is.

    2. Back button vs. Back arrow button in the message app.
    On the S7 if I press the bottom right back button, or if I hit the back arrow button on the top left of the message app, both will go back to whatever previous page I was on. This means if I go from a different app to an open message, I can't single button press to get back to the message home page to access other messages.
    On my S4, hitting the bottom right back button goes back to whatever page I was last on, and the top left back arrow in the app it would go back to my message home page so I can access other messages with a single button press.

    Are there simple ways of correcting these?

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    There's a setting in Developer Options for the seamless transition from WI-FI to 4G.
    Basically, data stays on continuously, in the event WI-FI becomes weak/interrupted.
    As for the messaging issue, I use Textra, perhaps someone else will chime in regarding that.
  3. Vincentevoletah

    Thread Starter

    Beautiful. Thank you. Love androids haha.

    There are two options that seem relevant. The aggressive switch, which seems to be what I'm describing for the most part, it switched to cell faster when WiFi is weak. The other option keeps data on at all times even when using WiFi. Is there a negative to this? I'd still use WiFi data before mobile date right?

    Have you used any of the other developer options or know any worth noting? I love having so much control over my interface.

    I'll check textra out thank you.

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