Jul 18, 2022
I have started getting messages from the site Searchpeoplefree. These are not emails or traditional messages...they show up in my drop-down. Very annoying as there are frequently 20 or 30 of these several times a day.
I searched for how to block these, but all of the posts instruct on how to remove your personal information from the site and not how to block their messages on my phone
So they are appearing as notifications? Could be that one of your apps is sending spam as notifications (not a method I've met before, but easy to imagine how it could be done). You should be able to tell what app is sending them: press and hold one of the notifications until it changes to app information. Then you can decide what to do: delete the app, block its notifications (if the app is legitimate/needed but notifications from it are not), or go to that app's settings to see what can be done.

It might be a browser: some websites request the ability to send notifications (I always refuse, for any site on any platform), If that's the case there should be a way of turning off notifications for whatever site is responsible (I'd also avoid the site responsible, but that's me).

Please note that this is all pure guesswork based on the fact that you are seeing this crap in the notification slide.