Help Searching for a specific word/phrase in past texts

Hi all

I need to find a specific word (name in actual fact) that I know I have sent to someone in the past. When I go into the message thread to this person I go to 'More' then 'Search' and type in the name yet it fails to find this name. Instead the screen below is white.

I have sent about 3000 texts to this person and have not deleted any texts that I have received from them - is this why the 'search' function has failed to find the name due to the large number of texts that it must trawl through ?

How can I therefore find this name when I'm physically unable to search through 3000 texts ?
Is there another search function for the HTC Desire S?

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You can use the Google Search app to search the contents of SMS messages, as well as other text-based files on your phone.

Google Search > Menu > Search settings > Searchable items > Check 'Messages'

I don't know if it will work in your case, but it's something else to try.

The limit on conversations before they are deleted (if you have the Delete old messages setting on) is 5000 texts. Messages > Menu > Settings > General > Text message limit > Set number of messages to save: 10-5000. Maybe this figure, 5000, has a bearing on how many can be searched.