Nov 10, 2009
Is anyone else having problems using GPS navigation on the Droid today? It was working the last time I used it which was about a week ago but today I just keep getting a searching for gps message.

The only thing that has changed on my Droid as of today is this morning I downloaded and installed the google maps update that came up in the store.
Yes. I've been getting a lot of "GPS Signal Lost" since the update. I asked another person who had an Android phone the night of the update, and he got the same thing. I've thought about removing the update, but it's not an urgent feature that I use.
I just got off of the phone with both Verizon and Motorola about the searching for gps issue. I had uninstalled the google maps update i downloaded earlier today and it still wasn't working right but the tech person at motorola suggested i go to applications>manage applications, press the menu key then filter by running apps, select maps and select force stop. After i did this and then attempted to use GPS again everything was working again.. So for those of you having this issue try this fix..

Also the rep said he would suggest not installing the maps update at this time for Droid users.
I just got this update today and for me it's the first update for google maps to include the GPS navigation! I have the G1 phone. Anyway, I was playing around with it a little today as I was driving and I like it a lot. It doesn't have some features that my current standalone GPS has but it's very nice for a free app. It says that it's a beta version. Does this mean that they may be adding more things before the final release? Is there anyway to get some kind of user manual for this so I know exactly how to use it and what all the features are? Thanks.
Apparently the "Searching for GPs..." issuea is much bigger than it seems.

My Droid can't find GPS.. It just stays on "Searching for GPS" when I try to Navigate. My Use GPS is toggled on. - Google Mobile Help

I've have my droid for about 3 weeks with no problems using the nav tool. Took a 2 hour trip today. When I went to return I got this above message. So far I've tried everything just shy of a hardware reset. My confusion is this.... Apps like Places for fine. Drove up with no problems.... nothing changed with the phone. No gps on the way back.

Last I checked this was a pretty major feature for this phone.... a selling point for almost everyone i talk to. Apparenly there is a growing number of people becoming discontent with a lack of support and finger pointing between Verizon, Google and Motorola.