Nov 12, 2009
I am trying to use the navigation function of the Droid X, but when I go to navigate to a location, it just sits at searching for GPS and never gets a signal. Now if I open Maps it shows my location almost instantly. Is there something I am missing?
where are you and how is the weather when trying to use the gps function? I assume that you aren't picking up sattelites when using the gps/navigation function but maps are working since it is not using gps but triangulating your position via cell towers.
Weather is beautiful and Clear. No clouds. I had it sitting there for 15 minutes on the navigation screen saying searching for GPS the whole time. The GPS symbol was showing on the upper status bar.
i had a similar problem the 1st time i went to use it.
Exit back to home screen, then go back into the maps and have it redo navigation. It worked fine then.

I think because it was the 1st time and the gps was turned off that it didnt like turning it back on after the nav had started.

Make sure the gps is on (2 screens left of the home screen at the top is an easy on/off slide button), then start your nav program.
I also had this happen the first day i was using The Droid X. I just turned it off, took out the battery and started over again. It has worked ever since, and I have never had it happen again. Just make sure to sturn on the gps prior starting the nav program.
Happened to me. Instead of going to the navigation app though, I went to the google maps app, typed in a destination, and then chose navigation. It worked for me then.
Thanks for all the good tricks. I will try them tonight. Hopefully it works, but also I want it to work right out of the gate.. Ohh well that is what I get for going w/ a cool phone.. :) Definitely better then my old iPhone..