Help "Searching for Wi-Fi Networks....." Forever

I have a brand new Desire 816 that can't find any wi-fi... I go to Settings and Wi-Fi on, than 'Tap to select a network', and then all I get is "Searching for Wi-Fi Networks....." on a white screen, forever. I have just been to HTC's website for online help and after about 3 questions was told the phone is faulty and I have to return it. I'm not very convinced that this is true, and also I do not need to bother of going through all the setup etc. again. Any advice?


HTC seems to be producing a number of "lemons". I have posted elsewhere on this forum about my 816's led notification system not working. After describing the problem to Virgin Mobile, they are sending me a new 816, since the original is still under warranty. Not very reinsuring about HTC's QC.