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Second best Sprint phone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by avengence, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. avengence

    avengence Member
    Thread Starter

    We all know the Evo is going to be the top Sprint phone but my question is what is the 2nd best?

    I have to get a new phone for work. I do a lot of work orders and stuff on it so I was thinking of getting the Hero.

    Since I am getting the Evo tomorrow I thought getting the Hero might be kind of lame having 2 of the same type of phones. Or getting a blackberry. I type a lot on it so it would need to be easy to type and I can type really fast on my iPhone but have never used a blackberry.

    I am coming from a HTC mogul and it is a terrible phone. I really dont like a slide out keyboard.

  2. ayman86

    ayman86 Member

    palm pre, IMO, would be 2nd best
  3. dandm4life

    dandm4life Android Enthusiast

    depends on what you wanna do with it. The palm pre or palm pixi are both neat.
  4. Ashenor

    Ashenor Well-Known Member

    Can you get them to pay for your Evo?

    I had a Hero and liked it a lot, but if you are doing a ton of typing and have to get a 2nd phone maybe a Moment with the slide out keyboard?
  5. Bat~man

    Bat~man Well-Known Member

    Yea I would wait, the Hero is having a lot of issues right now.
  6. dandm4life

    dandm4life Android Enthusiast

  7. Ashenor

    Ashenor Well-Known Member

    Damn you GR where is the Detroit metro area. I seen someplace else that it was getting it first in MI.
  8. katmandoo122

    katmandoo122 Well-Known Member

  9. mcnutty

    mcnutty Member

    What issues does the Hero have?

    The Pre is chalk full of issues.

    If you're looking for something other than an Android device, I would suggest the Bold or if bold enough the touch pro 2.
  10. zeux6

    zeux6 Member

    I would say the Hero is the second best. I'm sad to actually let it go due to my getting the Evo soon. I have had nothing but the best time with the Hero. Best phone I've owned yet.
  11. avengence

    avengence Member
    Thread Starter

    I just need something for fast text entry on webpages. It also has to have a decent web browser. They pretty much give us free reign on what we want but I am guessing no 4g since its an extra fee. I just really dont like having a physical keyboard cause the keyboard on my mogul is terrible (I am very slow on it)

    I guess I will just read some reviews... Hopefully my mogul will hold up till I get a new one. All of the screws in the back fell out when I took the battery cover off. I guess they all came loose. Now I am missing one.
  12. legacy

    legacy Android Enthusiast

    Coming from an iPhone, do NOT get a Blackberry. You'll hate typing on it...

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