Extreme Android User
Jun 7, 2010
Now that everyone has had their Touchpads for few weeks and the aura of the new shiny thing has worn off I'm curious what everyone's impressions still is. Do you still have a generally positive view of it? Do you still think HP dropped the ball or can you easily see now why no one bought them? Knowing what you know now would you have paid $500-600 for it? Would you buy another one at the $99/149 price point? Have you already sold yours on ebay?
My TP replaced my 7" Nook Color (CM7) and I quickly bought one after hearing that Dalingrin was going to port CM7 to it.

Not many apps, few free games worth playing. I can browse the web on my laptop, don't need a tablet for that. I spend more time looking for new apps than to actually using them.

I can wait for Gingerbread, but doubt it's worth much more than $150 w/o Android.
It's awesome, I don't mind the apps as much with the exception of the choice of ereaders, I would love to see google books on it since I plan on using google books when it comes time to get an android tablet.
I was at Staples yesterday and picked up (literally, not purchased) a Transformer...WAY lighter than the TP. I was there to check their Touchstone stock, which were sold out :(

So the hardware is bulkier than most others, but so what. I like WebOS and how it works, but the lack of apps is a problem and the only reason why I want to install Android. If they had more of the popular apps, the platform wouldn't be that important, IMO.

The lack of a GPS is a bummer.

The lack of cases is also a bummer. I'm still looking for a decent case that protects the tablet and prop it up when needed.

The speakers are pretty sweet. Plenty loud and seem to have quite a kick.
I bought one, got it, and quickly bought another since the opportunity came up. I have two 32GB TP's. No, I wouldn't pay $500 for them. They are great if purchased under $200. If Android never comes out for the TP, I won't be too upset. The apps that are available for it get me by. I do look forward to Android on my TP as that will open up many more apps that I already own on my DroidX.

So I think HP missed the boat due to pricing. If they were still making the TP, and could offer them under $300, I think they'd have a winner.
HP briefly had them up for sale a few days ago for around $250. Might have been a mistake, who knows.