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Second level of brightness for LED torch

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by twinbee, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. twinbee

    twinbee Newbie
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    I tried out the camera with flash on the S4 mini. At first, the LED comes on very brightly for about a second or two, but just before the shot is taken, it comes on 10x EVEN MORE brightly for just a split second.

    I want to emulate that second level of brightness with a generic torch app, but none of them support the 'second level', only the 'first level'. Does anyone know an app which will reach that extra bright level?


    After hunting the Google Play store for ages, I came across something which might do the trick. It also allows variable/adjustable level brightness, apparently across all ranges. HOWEVER, you need your phone rooted, and I'm not sure whether it works on the S4 mini (only the S4). There's also a danger that leaving it at the highest brightness for a certain amount of time (longer than the sub-second flash from the camera), may seriously damage the LED:


    To summarize - need more info!

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