Help Security & Encryption 100% ?


I know in theory, as long as my phone is fingerlocked no one can access the files on the integral sdhc "card" memory.
But that still means anyone can take out the "external" sdhc card, plug it into anything else, and access the files on it.

Is there any app that will automatically and invisibly en/decrypt the external sdhc card files, so that they are encrypted all the time UNLESS the phone itself has been unlocked by the authorized user?

IOW a perfectly transparent encryption for the removable sdhc card?

Or at least a good encrypter that can be run manually, i.e. log on log off and it will operate in the background while running?

Or does real security mean everything has to fit on the internal onboard memory?


Android Expert
You've asked some good questions. (I have thought about these myself.) What I do is place all important documents on the internal memory and my pictures and music on my SD card. I have Lookout Pro, which will allow me to erase not only the phones memory, but the SD card as well. My pictures are backed up to Lookout Pro and my computer. So, I can recover them easily. (I found out that Motoblur can't wipe the SD card.) Some point in the future, after I remove the videos off the Internal memory, I will be able to place all pictures there. (Which I prefer, but needed the space.)