Help Security error and cant OTA update Samsung Galaxy 7S SM-G930F

Hey guys.
Ok so I deleted some of my photos by mistake so i tried to recover them so I use "DR.Fone" programm ,
after that I see some annoyin message on notification screen "Unauthorized actions detected. Please reactivate your device to undo any unauthorized changes made"
and doesnt matter what I try to do it wont go ( I tried : restart phone, hard reset, wipe cache ,reset factory settings) nothing helped,
after that I also noticed that when I tried to update my phone by OTA updates it also gives me an error
"An unauthorized change was made to your device's operating system. Try downloading software support by smart transfer on your computer or visiting a customer service center"
I really want to fix it and I have no idea how , my phone is only 1 month old,
Big thanks for helpers!