security lock application

Im looking for an application that will allow me to lock out certain applications and features. For example, its common that someone wants to tinker with my phone because they have never seen it. I dont want the messing around in my messaging center, gmail, etc. But the general phone lock is not enough. I want to specify certain apps and functions that will require password or gesture. I found "ES Security manager - application protector" in the market... it worked okay for a day, now its buggy. When I go to a locked app and put in my password... now it goes to the protector settings instead of the application. Also, it can easily be killed from a task manager app. I need a good solid app that will do this for me. Any suggestions?
App protector pro. You can try the free version for the trial version then buy if you like it. I love it. Works fine and I don't have to unlock my phone every time I turn it on.

edit: it seems that all apps like this could be killed with a task killer app, but you should have the task killer apps password protected anyways.