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Security on android devices?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by reza, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. reza

    reza Newbie
    Thread Starter

    htc hero is my first android device & i use it for my regular e-banking too,with pc we use internet security suite,anti spyware & etc to insure our system,what we have to do about our mobile phones? we use same user names & same password on our pc & our phone & if we need to guard them on pc it seems to me natural to do the same on our phone!
    i download a lot of third party app which potentially have access to those info & i really don't know is security a matter of consideration on mobile as same as pc or NOT?

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  2. JockVSJock

    JockVSJock Newbie

    A girl that I work with has a HTC Hero and was sent an email to her gmail account which she opened via her phone.

    Her phone rebooted and she lost all of her data/apps.

    This is got me thinking, what type of security is available for the phone and for the apps that a person downloads?

    I'm also going to be doing to traveling later this summer to, and I want to make sure my phone is safe while I'm out on the road.


  3. Artaq

    Artaq Newbie

    @ Reza and JockVSJock

    I would say it is a risk with using 3rd party apps as they can make them have full access to your phone and see the data you store. As for key logging on a phone, not heard of that yet. But not to sa it cannot be done, as a smart phone is basicly a small computer.

    As for apps on the normal market, if anyone find something wrong the users will write very bad comments.
  4. JockVSJock

    JockVSJock Newbie

    I did find an app called Lookout that provides anti-virus, which is something that I'm worried about.

    It would be nice if the app market got policed so people wouldn't d/l an app that would cause damage to their phone.

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