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security update

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by 23james, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. 23james

    23james Newbie
    Thread Starter

    just recieved a ota update (3am gmt), clicked on more details which said it was a security update. same as the once recieved a few months ago.
    havent noticed any changes but it did take faking ages to book after installing, staying on the android screen for about 5 mins.

  2. jimczyz

    jimczyz Well-Known Member

    Just got the same thing OTA, and yes, it did take quite awhile to finish and boot up.
  3. davecres

    davecres Lurker

    I received my update this morning as well and like the other forum members took about 5 mins to go from the android logo. All seems well at the moment. No noticeable changes
  4. Lobo

    Lobo Member

    what country? phone? just curious
  5. davecres

    davecres Lurker

    Tmobile G1 locked to T Mobile UK
  6. skillllllz

    skillllllz Newbie

  7. christyaran

    christyaran Lurker

    I just got an update myself as well & the android as well took forever to load.... so far everything seems ok...
  8. skillllllz

    skillllllz Newbie

  9. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Android Expert

    I just got it as well. It didnt' take forever to boot up though, at least I didn't notice, I was doing other things.
  10. Lobo

    Lobo Member

    ok.. probably why in canada we got nothing.. thanks
  11. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...

    Ok just a little FYI for anyone who is running a rooted JesusFreke build you will receive the update notification as per JF he posted this on his site:

    July 19, 2009

    "If you are on the US or EU versions of JFv1.51, you’ll likely get an OTA update notification soon, if you haven’t already. I had accidentally left in the otacerts.zip file, which allows OTAs to be downloaded and verified. For now, there are a few possible work arounds.

    1. delete the otacerts.zip file manually. The file is at /system/etc/security/otacerts.zip But keep in mind if you use this method your phone will continuously re-down the OTA and try to verify it, which is bad on your bandwidth usage and your battery life

    2. Replace /system/build.prop on your phone with the one from the ADP1 version of JFv1.51

    3. chmod 000 the OTA file in /cache (unconfirmed solution, but is likely to work)
    Or you can ignore the popups for now, and wait for my new release based on the new update (CRC1). I promise to “disable” the OTA mechanisms in a better way than simply deleting otacerts.zip [​IMG] . I should be able to get something out soon (next few days)

    In the meantime, even if you accidentally hit “accept” on the popup, it won’t be able to install the update when it gets into recovery, so you aren’t at risk of losing root access. "

    To view his site go here: http://jf.andblogs.net/
  12. banqaxbarbie

    banqaxbarbie Lurker

    I woke up at 4am last night and got a pop up saying a system update & yea it did take forever! to get from the android logo I timed it and it look 8 mins lol

    oh & I'm in the US new york if anyone wants to know.

    I don't notice any real significat changes but the browser doesn't do that stupid reload thing anymore. so that's good.
  13. MarvinAndroid

    MarvinAndroid Well-Known Member

    I got my update this morning (T-Mobile G1 in New Jersey). Same as everybody it took a while to reboot... haven't noticed any differences... and it could be my imagination... but it seems like my phone is running smoother (faster). Probably my overactive (optimistic) imagination though.
  14. arianna81

    arianna81 Lurker

    I've been having problems with Android ever since my security update this morning. I haven't changed any apps in ages, so I'm guessing the update interacted weirdly with something I have installed! I'm so frustrated - my dial & home buttons stopped working, and the worst part is that although I found a potential solution to this problem that wouldn't require a factory reset (Dial and Home buttons stopped working - Page 4 - Android Community Forums), I also am having issues getting into the Market! I don't know what to do. Nothing seems to be working for me anymore. I'd almost rather not have had the security update, booo. :(
  15. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Android Enthusiast

    Try shutting off phone, take battery out, wait 1+ minutes, replace battery, turn phone back on.

    Might clear things up for you.
  16. Got the security update a few minutes ago.

    Didn't notice anything new but the connection to 3G appears to be a bit faster than it's been all morning (probably due to the fact that it was quietly downloading the update in the background).

    Firmware updates with no new features are so boring. :p
  17. arianna81

    arianna81 Lurker

    I was later on able to access Market, but unfortunately using the fix I had found (see link below) didn't help, as Setup Wizard kept force-quitting out on me when I got to the point where I was entering my sn/pwd to log into Google (even though I've been logged into Google). So at least the update wasn't affecting my access to the Market, but I'm still unable to use my home/dial buttons, nor do I have any functionality other than "shut down" on my power-off. Oh, and it plays weird music whenever I connect via USB to my computer. Hmm.

  18. lazybloke

    lazybloke Newbie

    I haven't been able to get a 3G data connection since the upgrade, so the only sync I get is when I am connected by wireless. Has anyone else had this or know of a fix?
  19. str4vag

    str4vag Lurker

    i am using a different ROM. A rooted Daldroid Rogers rom. Can I download the update and do it manually? I am afraid that there will be issues.
    which update should i go for? the UK or the US?
  20. str4vag

    str4vag Lurker

  21. skillllllz

    skillllllz Newbie

    I'm not an expert but from what I do know, you should not attempt to load any of these. You should look for a rooted CRC1 ROM and use that.

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