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Seeking Clarification

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sonodelirii, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. sonodelirii

    sonodelirii Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Alright I sifted though all the root/upgrade threads only to find myself confused so I apologize for the possibly common question but I seek clarification.

    Some months back when I got my HTC Eris I installed a 2.1 leak and rooted it. Not 100% sure but I believe it was Version 2. I used these instructions:

    Now that the official 2.1 is out I want to switch to it and root it again. I started looking at the pinned threads only to realize that depending on how and what one installed on ones phone it may or may not be possible and instruction vary.

    Can someone point me to the set of instructions that apply to my case or confirm that I am out of luck. If you need some firmware build code etc from my phone to make an accurate recommendation I would be happy to provide the information.

    thanks guys :)

  2. Jmtegra

    Jmtegra Android Enthusiast

    Thats impossible, you may have installed a leak.. but you didnt root it.
  3. sonodelirii

    sonodelirii Newbie
    Thread Starter

  4. Jmtegra

    Jmtegra Android Enthusiast

    Im guessing you rooted 1.5 and your running at 2.1 based rom.

    It said you rooted a 2.1 leak witch is very impossible.

    If you go back to 1.5 and install the OTA upgrade you can root because its the same boot loader as 1.5. But if you install the RUU witch is a complete install not just a upgrade you will not be able to get root. RUU is the same as Leakv3.

    ERISLOVER Well-Known Member

    No the root was a leak of 2.1. It was handed to devs.
  6. Jmtegra

    Jmtegra Android Enthusiast

    hrmm news to me.. Maybe some of the guys from the all things root section will post in here.

    TJTHEBEST Well-Known Member

    Well it looks to me that if you followed those directions and using the links from that site that you are rooted. If you type Adb shell from a cmd prompt and get a # then you are rooted.
  8. sonodelirii

    sonodelirii Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That makes sense, I rooted then upgraded to 2.1.

    So now to have the latest 2.1 release and root access what do I have to do, go back to rooted 1.5 and flash new image? Or do I have to go back to factory spec. Which set of instructions (thread on this forum) should I follow?
  9. Jmtegra

    Jmtegra Android Enthusiast

    Im not sure because im not root, but i believe when you first root you load a recover image on your phone. Im guessing you install that and it should be back to 1.5 root.
  10. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert

    (1) Please humor us by verifying that you actually have "root" on your phone:

    - Power your phone off
    - Eject your SD card if you think there is still a PB00IMG.ZIP file in the root folder of the SD card (otherwise just skip this step).
    - Turn your phone on by simultaneously pressing and holding down the Vol-down and End/Power buttons until the screen lights up.

    Look at the TOP line in the display. If it says [SIZE=+1]S-OFF[/SIZE], you definitely have the "root" bootloader installed on your phone.

    If it says [SIZE=+1]S-ON[/SIZE] in the top line, then check the version number in the second line. If it says 1.47.xxxx, you can achieve root, but probably have never had root on your phone.

    If it says [SIZE=+1]S-ON[/SIZE] in the top line, and the version number in the second line says 1.49.xxxx, that means that you put one of "Leak-V1", (first chronological leak), "Leak-V2" (third chronological leak), or "Leak-V3" (fourth chronological leak) onto your phone, and sadly, root is not currently possible for you.

    2) If you want to humor us with additional information, the value reported in the main OS using

    Settings -> About phone -> Software information -> Build number

    will tell us (in combination with the bootloader info you report in (1) above) exactly which ROM you installed onto your phone.

    Sorry for asking for this additional information - but I looked at your posts, and could not establish what you currently have from the information you provided. After that, we'll take it from there.

  11. sonodelirii

    sonodelirii Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Seeing as how I am the one in need of sorting out the mess I made I would be more then happy to humor you :cool:


    PB00100 XC ENG S-OFF
    Jan 24 2010


    Build Number: 2.26.605.4 CL140744
  12. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert


    You have the S-OFF bootloader, and some ROM which was based off of a leak-V2. Note I said "based off of". (If you had actually installed the "Leak-V2" you would have a 1.49.xxxx S-ON bootloader).

    The fact that the software version reflects a -V2 origin is not surprising - the devs scrape what they need out of the "system.img" and "boot.img" files from the leaks to create what they want - so this just means that you got an "earlier" dev ROM onto your phone.

    Hang on a second and let me re-read your post ...
  13. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert

    OK, gotcha.

    So, I know what you have - partly. I know what the bootloader is - the right one, yay!, and sort of the "era" from which the OS was derived (V2).

    Let's check one more thing.

    Power down your phone and re-start it, this time by simultaneously holding down

    Vol-up + End/Power

    until the screen lights up. After about 10-12 seconds, a new screen should appear.

    What does it look like? Does it only have a graphic on it, or does it have a menu with Android-green text in it?

    I'm hoping it looks like this:


    but if it does not, that's no disaster - easy enough to get it there.

  14. sonodelirii

    sonodelirii Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Screen looks exactly like that except the image in the back ground is the htc logo.
  15. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert

    Perfect - you are nearly done! That's the Amon_RA recovery!

    All you do is load the ROM (.zip file) of your choice onto the root folder of the SD card, and choose menu item # 4 ("Flash zip from sdcard"). [ Edit : see my post right below this one ]

    That was easy; you were already 90% of the way there!

  16. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert


    I jumped the gun a little in my excitement.

    Before you flash the next ROM, you might want to

    1) Make a Nandroid Backup of your current ROM
    2) Perform a "Wipe" of the Dalvik cache (under the wipe menu)
    3) Perform a "Wipe Data/Factory Default" (under the wipe menu)

    and THEN install your new ROM. ( A more detailed checklist is in this post )

    The backup is a good habit to get into before flashing a new rom; the wipes are a MANDATORY habit to get in to.

  17. sonodelirii

    sonodelirii Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well glad to know I haven't messed anything up YET.

    Still not sure which is the right image to flash, don't want to flash the wrong one and screw everything up :)
  18. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert

    Unless your SD card is nearly full, consider doing a NAND (Nandroid) backup of your current ROM before you "wipe and flash". (There might be something in there that you want to come back and look at later).

    Also, there are a few things that you might find convenient to do in preparation for the next ROM - there is an app for backing up & restoring your bookmarks (Bookmark Sort & Backup - Happydroid) to SD, and if you are using the HTC_IME mod keyboard, you can export the user dictionary to SD (for import in other ROMs)

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  19. sonodelirii

    sonodelirii Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for all the info and help!! :)

    Can you point me to where I can download the latest 2.1 rom, I assume the one I have isn't the latest and greatest anymore and bugs and such have been fixed in later builds.
  20. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Android Expert

    There are a dozen or more ROMs that have all had a new version released within the last two weeks; and just like buying a car, there isn't just one that is the "best" for everybody.

    Since you really didn't say why you wanted root in the first place, I'm a little reluctant to choose one for you.

    If you want one with the fewest bugs, that's probably going to be Ivanmmj's Official 1.0 alpha

    You can find others over at the XDA development forum - it seems that Evil Eris, Aloysius, and Sense-able are well liked.

    In general, you will find that the further away from stock a ROM departs, the more bugs it will have. Ivanmmj's Official 1.0, and Jcase's "Plain Jane" are the closest to the OTA-2.1 out there.


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