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Seems like the phone has free wireless tether Out of the Box

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RoboMonkey, May 8, 2011.

  1. popularbelief

    popularbelief Newbie

    For all the naysayers that truly believe this can't be manipulated and changed with an OTA update keep drinking the Kool - Aid. Sprint is aware of this and a future update WILL disable this. Enjoy it while you can or never update. Your choice. Your phone needed to be activated on Sprint's network without Google's help. Your voice & data service comes from Sprint service not Google. When you don't pay your bill and your service gets cut off who do you call to turn it on? Sprint or Google? What makes you think for one moment that they don't have the ability to stop a $30 feature? Some of the replies on here are heads in the sand.

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  2. popularbelief

    popularbelief Newbie

    ACTUALLY, they can decipher.
    A quick Google search of Carrier IQ should clear that up.
    Carrier IQ - Is it real? Does anyone care? - Android Forums
  3. rscarawa

    rscarawa Well-Known Member

    I noticed the same thing. I tried it once last month just to see how it worked and was not billed for it yet.
  4. Jceinc

    Jceinc Android Enthusiast

  5. StealthTH

    StealthTH Well-Known Member

    That is a link to Samsung Epic 4g...any word on whether it applies to Nexus S? The Moment, Epic 4g and other Samsung/Sprint phones has software provided by Samsung approved by Sprint. The Nexus S 4G uses software from Google so I'd like some clarification.
  6. Jceinc

    Jceinc Android Enthusiast

    My Nexus S 4g doesnt have any IQ Agent running but my EVO has HTC IQ Agent running. I force close it and it immediately starts again
  7. Timanator

    Timanator Well-Known Member

    Tethering does work when I tested it. Yes it turns off the 4G when Tethering is turned on, and it's extremely slow.
  8. jmorse

    jmorse Member

    This is my experience, exactly. Too slow to be usable in anything but an emergency.
  9. Timanator

    Timanator Well-Known Member

    I wish someone has a fix for this. In it's current state I get page cant be displayed when tethering with my tablet alot of the times.
  10. ericshmerick

    ericshmerick Well-Known Member

    Went to get the Nexus S 4g the other day and the store manager told me Sprint will begin charging for the tether in the near future, despite it being a "pure android" feature. He pointed to all the other Sprint Android phones and said it's only fair since they all have a tethering charge. He said a software update will restrict the built-in tethering app to paid accounts only.

    I chuckled and said no problem, rooting takes seconds. Thanks.

    So, maybe Sprint is going to rain on the tethering parade (unlike N1 & NS on TMobile / AT&T where Nexus tethering remains free).

    We'll see how greedy they get.
  11. Sedan_Clan

    Sedan_Clan Member

    How do you turn off Sprint updates?
  12. GhostRed

    GhostRed Member

    I'm still curious if this will apply to Wireless hotspot ONLY or also to USB tethering.

    The WiFi hotspot I understand, but if I simply hook up to USB @ the coffee shop and take advantage of my "unlimited" internet for an hour or two, I don't see how this is different that using it on my phone, especially since I wouldn't be using both the phone & laptop @ the same time.
  13. Tenebrous

    Tenebrous Newbie

    Hmm, I believe that it will remain free. First, why even offer it free on the Nexus only to take it away later? On every other phone, it is not offered for free. The main selling point of the Nexus is that it is pure Google, so to mess with that would be utterly silly. Thus, it will very, very likely remain free.
  14. ericshmerick

    ericshmerick Well-Known Member

    Sprint offered it as a free benefit? Of course not...

    It was never "free.". It happens to be a feature built into vanilla Android that GSM carriers didn't worry with but Sprint is concerned with. It will not be free forever, so download your torrents while you can....
  15. GhostRed

    GhostRed Member

    Can you provide specific proof or links that directly indicate Sprint is "concerned with" free tethering on the Nexus S?

    You've posted this or similar comments multiple times, but I can't so much as find and article or anything else substantiating this claim.
  16. GhostRed

    GhostRed Member

    The ONLY thing I can find making this claim is from another Android fan site that actually quotes their own forums:

    Sprint hotspot will still cost extra on the Nexus S 4G [from the forums] | Android Central

    ...and this is actually referring to the $29.99 charge for **WIFI TETHERING ONLY** Not USB tethering.

    However, as of right now, there is nothing on Sprint's site or anything else I can find proving that there will be a charge for this.
  17. TF1984

    TF1984 Android Enthusiast

    Let me tell everyone something, by the way just coming off the Evo to my Nexus S as of yesterday...

    I go into wireless settings and see portable hotspot. I check it, connect and it works. To that point, there has been no disclosure of monthly charges/fees.
    If Sprint thinks they could then bill me later, #*^)@)^ they got another thing coming... Use it. They charge you? Go off on 'em.

    By the way, when I was running the stock system on my evo, you could turn it's tether on to but a pop up would appear disclosing that you need to pay and blah blah blah...
  18. ericshmerick

    ericshmerick Well-Known Member

    I have no proof so I'm wrong.

  19. Exactly!!!!
  20. Tenebrous

    Tenebrous Newbie

    Agreed. It is free and should reman free. So far no problems here.
  21. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    so is everyone still getting free wifi tether on their Nexus, without root??
  22. glumlord

    glumlord Lurker

    I just got a Nexus S4G and I have wi-fi tethering and hot spot turned on.

    I set encryption and password on it, and connected from two laptops.

    Both can see the network, authenticate and connect but fail to get internet access.

    Any solutions?
  23. Skrillex

    Skrillex Android Enthusiast

    I had free hotspot on Monday... haven't tried since.
  24. bellesorrisa

    bellesorrisa Newbie

    Wow, I got my device back in May and didn't realize that I had tethering for free. If I wanted wi-fi tethering, would I use Portable Wi-Fi hotspot? I don't want to use USB tethering.
  25. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    I just got the Nexus S 4G today (for my Dad). Wireless HotSpot is working fine, right out of the box. Thanks to those who helped with my questions over the past few days.

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