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Seesmic for Twitter: Has best user experience and best user support

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MaggiePlusPlus, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. MaggiePlusPlus

    Thread Starter

    Seesmic Twitter client for the Android is a super application to read and share tweets. I have been using Seesmic Desktop and Seesmic Web since each were launched. Seesmic for the Android keeps the familiar look and feel while providing the full desktop feature set on the smaller mobile platform. They have done a terrific job making the app super-easy to navigate on the android.

    My favorite feature is the infinite scrolling of your timeline to seamlessly access older tweets.

    The Seesmic Team listens to user feedback and makes frequent improvements. They keep up with Twitter development and have supported new twitter features such as lists, new re-tweet function and locations as soon as possible.

    Seesmic is tweeting made simple and consistent across all of your platforms and devices. It is brought to you by a team that puts the user first and keeps communication open.

    The adorable raccoon mascot is a bonus.


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