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Seidio 1750 battery 75% left after almost 10hrs on the first charge

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by radtechy, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. radtechy

    radtechy Member
    Thread Starter

    i just got my seidio battery did an overnight charge and a 30 min bump charge until it was green again......

    now my up time of 9hrs 45min and awake time of 2hrs 15 min and im at 75% left. i know thats not alot of awake time but even it was double that whats the worst i would be 40%???

    if we all work (except for the people who are on their phones constantly) who could spend that much time on thier phone per day???

    i dont have alot of widgets running, and wifi and gps are off. so far i find this battery great, and i dont get why its getting such a bad rap???

    i have a question though should i fully drain it before recharging? if that happens it will prolly die when im at work tomorrow and then i wont be able to give it a solid 8 hrs uninterrupted due to going home unplugging it and then again when i get home

  2. radtechy

    radtechy Member
    Thread Starter

    i have read both of these articles, and with my stock battery i would normally be at 40-50% right now and by 9pm be running on fumes.

    i know that everyones usage is different.

    and why is it on all the android accesory stores online and amazon (where i got mine from) give this battery 4-5 stars

    this is why im confused
  3. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Android Expert

    I will be doing my own testing soon...I have just received the 1750 seidio and have put it on the wall charger for now...I will let you all know how it is after a week or so of use!
  4. bjanow

    bjanow Android Expert

    Don't compare it to stock, compare it to a $15 1500.
  5. UHF3

    UHF3 Well-Known Member

    Compare it to both so it's a little more real world and everyone can get the picture.

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  6. JuicyJones

    JuicyJones Well-Known Member

    I have the 1500mah battery from HTC (EVO Battery) I usually get about 15 hours out of my battery. The other day, I had 5 hours awake, 15 hours up time, 48% battery life. Currently I'm at 27%, 14hrs up 2:48 awake. I bump charge, because I always charge my phone powered off. I do it more so that my drunk friends don't call me @ 3am than actually trying to get more battery life...but 2 birds with one stone is never bad.
  7. gonzoguy24

    gonzoguy24 Android Expert

    I got a battery charger so that i can run one battery down and swap...i am putting my 1750 to the test today
  8. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Android Expert

    I have all three of the standard size batteries and the Seidio lasted the longest not by much but an extra couple hrs at the end of the day over the TP2 battery . I hate these battery wars, I know there has been all the testing but even in the testing the Seidio 1750 showed higher capacity then the 1500 even if only by a little. So if you take the price out of the equation the Seidio is a longer lasting battery period . If that 1-3 hrs extra at the end of every day is worth $20-$25 extra to you then it is. I personally want my phone to last 3 days without charging and I have a 3500 on the way to achieve that
  9. radtechy

    radtechy Member
    Thread Starter

    hmmm if this 1500 battery from bidaillies is that great then maybe ill pick it up but then i have alreadly paid for 42.00 from amazon and the shipping to me and then i have to ship it back so thats like another 5.00 with that said is it really worth all the hassle?

    so far im happy with my 1750 (2nd day)...65% left after 9 hrs with 7 hrs awake time and ive been using it more today and have some more screen brightness on
  10. Christian15

    Christian15 Member

    I'm not very happy with my battery, although I understand because I'm on it ALL the time. I need a solid battery that is easily an improvement from the stock battery. Does anyone have sugestions on what one to get and from where? That lasting 3 days without a charge sounds pretty good, but if it's over 40 or 50 bucks I'm S.O.L.
  11. rmreid

    rmreid Android Enthusiast

    I have a Seidio 1750 and despite all of the bad press on here about it I've been very happy with its capabilities over the stock 1300 - Only cost me $39.00 shipped and I get thru a complete day and some.
    Using the 1750 allows my Dinc to keeps its same sleek profile without the added bulk of the 2150.
    As a safety net, I have a charger in my office and 1 in my vehicle that I can use to bump charge them during the day if needed.
    To each their own, but I like the 1750
  12. Holydoc

    Holydoc Well-Known Member


    I do not think anyone is saying that the Seidio 1750 is a bad battery or that it is not better than the 1300mah battery that comes with the INC. I think what is being said is that the Seidio 1750 is just a repackaged 1500mah battery. The main difference being that the Seidio 1750 costs 3 times the amount of money as the similar Bidallies 1500mah battery.

    This post contains the reasoning for the statement above:


    For that reason only, if someone was to ask me whether they should purchase the Seidio 1750 or the Bidallies 1500, I would not hesitate to recommend the Bidallies inorder to give them the same capacity for a cheaper price. I bought a Bidallies 1500mah battery and am very happy with its capacity and price.

    Again, Yes.. the Seidio is a good battery. Yes... the Seidio is better than the 1300mah batter that comes with your phone. No... the Seidio does not meet its 1750mah expected capacity but registers as a 1500mah battery. No... the Seidio is not the cheapest 1500mah battery you can buy.
  13. radtechy

    radtechy Member
    Thread Starter

    i do like my seidio battery i think im gonna send it back to amazon and get the bidallies one.
  14. rmreid

    rmreid Android Enthusiast

    Fair enough, I have both batteries Bidallies and Seidio and in my unscientific experience the Seidio is slightly better than the Bidallies battery, either way use what you think is best for your particular situation.

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