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Seidio 1750 Follow Up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jamor, May 18, 2010.

  1. jamor

    jamor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    How is everyone's 1750 holding up now that many of us have been able to get at least 5 charge cycles out of the way?

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  2. darb

    darb Member

    Dramatic improvement seen over the stock battery. Before I wasn't making it more than 6-8 hours on a single charge, usually having to plug my phone in around lunchtime just to make it through the day. With the Seidio, I only charge it overnight and it gets me through the entire day.
  3. SDotNY

    SDotNY Member

    I don't have 5 cycles thru yet but this battery is great over stock.. like Darb said, I only have to charge over night.
  4. nightfishing

    nightfishing Android Enthusiast

    I am getting 12-13 hrs with moderate use. Hopefully will translate to a solid 10 of heavy use.

    Plus, the stock battery meter is slowly becoming somewhat accurate.

    I'm at 52% at 3:30 and the system is reading 53%!

    bt/gps/mobile all days. 2 hrs of calls. 10-15 emails. I got about 10 minutes of charging in after lunch. Car usb charger still foobars the phone, so the juice required for the battery pull/reboot probably ate up some of that charge.

    Back to the BB charger for the car. Still looking for a nice 1A wall charger for the office, anyone know of one?
  5. jamor

    jamor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Mine is pretty good. I haven't gotten past 26 hours yet, but I'm using it a bit more and differently than my 1300 - so I don't have a real control but I am happy with it.
  6. jayhammy

    jayhammy Newbie

    It's hard to say. I've definitely gotten longer use over the stock...but I use the phone so damn much, I still have to charge it by 3:00 PM. I turn it on a 7am every work day and immediately start playing with apps, settings, browsing, etc. It's rare that the thing goes to sleep for more than 5 minutes without me picking it back up again.
  7. dvdivx

    dvdivx Android Enthusiast

    I think the OP and others would just like to know how it compares to stock not the 2150/3500 battery when it comes out. If it lasted 8 hours of heavy use it would be better than stock. If I use the market at all it acts like a battery vacuum cleaner on the charge with the stock battery.
  8. greenrolaids

    greenrolaids Android Enthusiast

    loving life with my 1750 battery.

    I just wish i could cure my reboot issues..

    I am almost positive it has to do with my weak signal at my house. It reboots at home but never at school or on the road.
  9. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    Today is my 1st day. Unplugged for 9-1/2 hours and 44% left with moderate use including 2 hours of time with screen on. I am satisfied so far.
  10. fish2587

    fish2587 Android Enthusiast

    i love the 1750. all i'd like to do is get through the day on a battery. the 1300 would be done by 5pm. i can go from around 7am in the morning and still have maybe 15-20% once i get to bed later around 1130-12. that's with my 'normal' use. on a lighter day i can still have 50% left at bedtime. i'm not going to be greedy and expect 3 days of use out of it but with wifi on half the time, screen brightness at 100%, gps and location always on, i'm happy. SO WORTH THE MONEY

    by the way, NO IDEA if this is related, but i had batterylite installed on my phone and my phone rebooted twice in a day with it. when i don't have it installed? NEVER A REBOOT and this is well over a months time. very well might be a coincidence but that's not on my phone anymore.
  11. themonk

    themonk Newbie

    I was at an event today where I pounded on it with heavy use because I didn’t have my laptop. I had 2 bars the whole day and got 12 full hours of use till she died out.

    I do think it is so dependent on signal. I have 4 to 5 bars in my apartment and get great battery life when I’m home on weekends. When I’m at work, I get 1 or maybe 2 bars and I get through the day with moderate use no problem – that was not possible with the stock battery, I would have to charge it on the way home in the car. Best $40 I have spent in a while. Wish it gave me a bit more but such is life :)
  12. fortesquieu

    fortesquieu Android Expert

    Thanks dude. That's all I need, I need the phone to last until near bed time. Right now with the stock, I need to charge every 6-7 hours.
  13. dm33

    dm33 Android Enthusiast

    I don't believe it until someone does a controlled test.

    Easiest test is to come up with something that burns through the battery quick. Such as playing a flash video in a loop non-stop until it dies.

    Do the test with the stock battery. Measure how long it lasts from a full charge till poweroff.

    Repeat the test with the Seidio 1750.

    Other than that, anything else is anecdotal and unreliable. Battery life varies day to day for many reasons including if you charged it when powered off etc.
  14. fish2587

    fish2587 Android Enthusiast

    no problem. yeah that's how it was for me, and that was not with heavy use whatsoever, it was really pretty pathetic for a phone battery. granted, the time i get with the 1750 is what should have come stock but what can ya do? 1750 fits perfectly and gives a big jump in battery life. i refuse to skimp on the features of my phone just to save battery life. i like my screen at 100% with all my features turned on. i can sustain that with the 1750.
  15. themonk

    themonk Newbie

    @ dm33 - You don
  16. jamor

    jamor Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The only problem with that is a 2 hour difference with very heavy use could mean much differently with medium or light use. Could be 4, 6, 8 hours who knows.
  17. themonk

    themonk Newbie

    Completely agree!
  18. jdmba

    jdmba Newbie

    I am not so sure the question really has full meaning. The 1750 is about it for fitting in the form factor. The 2100mah will be 1mm larger on the back, and I have seen the 3500mah on Amazon for other comparable phones and the size increase is horrific to say the least.

    I suspect the inquiry will come down to form factor rather than anything else. People who don't care - 3500mah. People who want the same form factor = 1750mah regardless of how much better it is.

    Don't get me wrong ... I ordered the 1750mah (and am waiting for it), but I did it the second after I saw what the 3500mah backplate would look like :)
  19. fish2587

    fish2587 Android Enthusiast

    i understand, because some people are just 'hard evidence' types and i get that but honestly, it really isn't that difficult to figure out if a battery gives better battery life than the other simply from using one for a week, and using another for a week to compare. i used the 1300 for a while and it SUCKED, no two ways about it, it was a bad battery and consistently would die around 5pm. my 1750 easily lasts me til midnight and with heavier use than i put on my 1300 (i've been a bit harder on it to test it's limits). it's as easy as that. ya don't need to set up an incredibly controlled test. any average person can simply determine if it last longer from their average use daily. doesn't need to be rocket science. get it and see for yourself- you can always return it, but i gaurantee you won't.
  20. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Android Enthusiast

    Good post and information. Just may have to snag me one. ;)
  21. brichi

    brichi Well-Known Member

    yup, ordered mine from Seidio once I heard the 2150 was delayed
  22. theeroopable

    theeroopable Newbie

    Do you have a link for this? I've been debating about waiting for the 3500mAh or just order this 1750mAh.
  23. brichi

    brichi Well-Known Member

  24. theeroopable

    theeroopable Newbie

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