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Seidio 1750 mAh question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by boxermansr, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. boxermansr

    boxermansr Member
    Thread Starter

    I have the 1750 mAh battery from when I had my Incredible, ended up returning the phone and got the EVO.

    Battery worked in my wife's Hero, so that worked out for me, but she decided she didn't want the hero anymore, so now I'm stuck with this battery.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if this battery will work in the EVO. I'd like to be able to get some use out of it, as I 'm sure seido isn't going to let me return it.

    Don't have my EVO with me at the moment or I'd have just tried it w/o asking.. so anyone happen to know?


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  2. bestphonever

    bestphonever Newbie

    I'm pretty sure it works. like 95% sure.
  3. boxermansr

    boxermansr Member
    Thread Starter

    I googled the model/part # on the battery and most of the sites it came up on said its for the hero/incredible/and evo.. Guess I can give it a shot tomorrow, and see. I'd like to return the battery cuz I think its a POS, but again, since I'm past the 14 days or 30 days, or whatever, I'm sure they're not going to let me.
  4. jackshakes

    jackshakes Newbie

    Did you ever try this and figure out if it works? If it fits and the rating is 3.7VDC you should be fine.
  5. Carl6

    Carl6 Member

    I'm wondering why you refer to the battery as a POS?
  6. wighty

    wighty Newbie

    Assuming you had the cdma hero, it should work just fine... I have 2 extra batteries, one from a touch pro 2 and one from a cdma hero and they both work in my evo.

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  7. wighty

    wighty Newbie

    How much do you want for it? :)

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  8. tbta02

    tbta02 Member

    i have the inc and 1750 and im switching to evo .let me know if it fits .also the wall charger from seidio says it fits for inc and evo
  9. Slick1020

    Slick1020 Android Enthusiast

    I'm running the Seidio 1750 mah battery.

    Battery Indicator Pro says (fully charged):
    Light Usage: 36hrs
    Normal Usage: 16hrs
    Heavy Usage: 8hrs
    Constant Usage: 4hrs
  10. sk0rpius

    sk0rpius Newbie

    hmm not much of a difference. the funny thing is if i constanly use the evo it lasts alot longer than if i lightly use it during the same time frame...so im guessing the problem that we are all facing is a pone idle issue...
  11. Slick1020

    Slick1020 Android Enthusiast

    Dude, the app doesn't account for idle time. I can go 4 days in idle mode. An idle issue doesn't exist. The phone drains at 1% an hour in idle mode.
  12. sk0rpius

    sk0rpius Newbie

    sorry i didnt mean to sound like the app was the cause, i was just pointing out that it seems as if my phone drains more power if its in idle than if im consantly playing with it...
  13. Slick1020

    Slick1020 Android Enthusiast

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