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Seidio ACTIVE Case Review

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by youliang, May 24, 2011.

  1. youliang

    youliang Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I received an ACTIVE case from Seidio recently and it was for the Motorola Atrix 4G. Well being a case from Seidio, it had to be something good packed in it.
    The package was nicely fitted into an average sized package and it contained an instruction pamphlet and the case itself. No pictures here sorry =(. The case is consists of a 2 piece design where the 1st piece is a silicon based glove and a harder backbone would be attached on to the back to strengthen the case.
    Here's the case compared to the other cases


    (from left: Otterbox Impact, Motorola Atrix, Seidio ACTIVE case, Otterbox Commuter)


    Size : The Seidio ACTIVE case had the slimmest appearance among all the other cases and it was the lightest among them too. The Otterbox Impact was the bulkiest followed by the Otterbox Commuter Case.


    Looks good!


    Closer view on the top section of the ACTIVE case. There is even a small curve at front camera. Nice one there Seidio!

    Front View: The Seidio ACTIVE case covers the sides of the Atrix and has a groove to enable users to place the phone face down and would prevent the screen from getting scratched. However, it is noted that there is no protection on the top section of the phone unlike the Otterbox Commuter. I personally preferred the one without because on the Otterbox Commuter, there was a noticeable amount of dust getting stuck at the earpiece and the front camera. Getting them cleaned was a hassle compared to the ACTIVE case which is much easier to clean.

    Back view
    : Back side of the case. It resembles a fish bone type of design and there are hand grips on the sides which gives a nice secure hold when it is held. The finishing on the back section was also a joy to touch as it was slightly rubberised but still strong enough to withstand impacts.​


    The earphone jack area and finger print scanner had their own openings. As expected, the case is quite a dust magnet but it is negligible as I found it quite easy to wipe it off. I've yet to find a case which does not attract dust at the moment.​

    The jacks were left exposed as well. Probably this is to reduce the weight of the case and ease accessibility to the ports. Makes plugging the device in and out from the cable easy =). The rubber grip on the back adds extra functionality by preventing the phone from sliding off the table as well.


    Here's another shot where the finishing of this case could be much improved. Guessed it is from the molding process.

    Final thoughts: The case from Seidio did not fail to impress me. Protection was great as it felt really solid and the fittings were perfect. The looks were pleasant to the eyes and not too large unlike some cases where you would look like carrying a little rock with you. The only thing that I hoped could be improved was the finishing of the product and it could be molded better. Product well worth the $ 29.95 price tag. Blows all the TPU cases or cheap branded silicon cases out of the water.

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  2. Eddie Bombay

    Eddie Bombay Member

    Nice case, but after reading a several reviews I just had to ditch the Active and get the Seidio Surface case. Surface case (22.50 vs 20.00) was a few bucks more but well worth the price. It doesn't make the phone bulky at all like most other cases.

    I'll add pictures of the Surface in a few days.

    Good review though.
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  3. redrider67

    redrider67 Android Enthusiast

    I have the same case and really like it, I had the Incipio feather case and the Innocase from Seidio.
  4. lottakash

    lottakash Lurker

    Youilang, thanks for the nice review.....

    On your recommendation I went ahead and purchased this case for myself for the Atrix...

    I have larger than usual hands, and the "slight" extra bulk of the Active Case makes this just right for me....No more slips for me....The naked Atrix is really nice but quite slippery, so this is just the ticket.....

    I also like how it has these onobtrusive but functional indentations along the sides of the case, that act as sort of a grip area....And, I also like that the front edges are raised so nicely to keep the camera(s) and front glass from ever getting any scratches...

    I also got the combo pack with the holster as well....A well thought out design as well....The clip is very positive, in that, it has a latch on top of it that clamps down on the Atrix top, while covering the fingerprint dock, so that it will "never" shake out of the holster.....The clip itself allows the phone-face to be cradled in the holster facing a felt liner, keeping it quite safe as well....the clip that attaches to your belt has a "failsafe" design as well, as it has a design that will not allow the clip from slipping off of your belt....and the clip swivels for porting it with either the portarait or landscape mode....

    Nice case....just like OEM, if I saw a phone like this I would be attracted to it and probably buy it just for the looks....I got the burgundy which contrasts nicely with the black......

  5. lottakash

    lottakash Lurker

    EB, I got the Active case for my Atrix, but on your recommendation, I purchased the Surface for my wife.....Much slimmer than the Active, creating a nice smooth profile for the phone.....A very classy case....My wife loves the thing now....It makes for a "good looking" smarphone....She also got the burgundy, which makes for a stunning contrast to the black...Nice...

    Thanks EB for your thumbs up on this one....


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