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seidio active case

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lilichiban, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. lilichiban

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    Jun 13, 2010

    Jun 13, 2010
    hello everyone,

    i've been lurking here on the forums since the debut of the evo and just got the seidio active case in white from the phandroid store. i wanted to share a few pics and my quick impression.

    i was pretty excited to get the case as this is my 4th case. i've been on a quest to find the best fitting case that would offer some sort of protection.

    when i first took a glance at the case, i thought overall the case looked sexy. i did notice the rubber housing attracts a lot of dust/dirt. i spent a good minute trying to wipe off the accumulated dust.

    the rubber housing fits okay on the evo, but somewhat loose which i thought is normal since the white hard housing goes ontop. i also inspected the overall quality of the housing and there was a small number of extra rubber flaps that was sticking out from the mold of the housing so it wasnt really too smooth. they came off easily using my nails though.

    the power button is not hard to press down at all, as the rubberized housing has a subtle bump for you to feel. the same can be said for the volume buttons. the volume button sticks out further past the white shell so you wont have to dig your nails to adjust the volume.

    i expected the case to be somewhat skin tight with the white shell attached, but its still slightly loose on the corners and at the bottom. i noticed the bottom had a small gap so for sure, dust/dirt will get in. furthermore, because the hard shell does not cover the bottom of the case, its not flush with the phone. i can see the edge of my phone where the infamous light leakage occurs. :(

    i really like how the active case offers great protection for the camera when laying the phone on its back. the camera is recessed inside since the case sticks out further than the protruding lens.

    the white shell housing has a matte/hard rubber feel to it. its not the glossy hard finish like the best buy's version of the white evo. it feels really solid in my hand and provides an extra grip. it feels like the ebay hard rubber case but better. the finish of the white housing is perfect. i wish the rubberized housing had the same quality finish.

    i was thinking, "this is the revised version of the active case right?" i was tiny bit disappointed since i would've expected the revised version to have worked out the kinks from the prior version. i felt like my ebay case was more of a direct fit.

    overall, i am still happy with the case, but comparing it to my coworkers seidio innocase, i think that case is built slightly better and offers better protection for a phone thats around the same price.

    anyway, here are some pics.

    protruding power button. the black housing loves to attract dust/dirt. you'll also notice the corner gap and the extra flap of rubber i yanked with my nails where the 3.5mm jack is.

    corner gap again.

    gap at the bottom where the micro usb/mini hdmi ports are.

    flimsy bottom that may let dirt accumulate overtime. you can see the edge of my phone.



    nice color contrast.

    great protection for the lens.



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