seidio case available for pre order

Just pre ordered the innocase and holster combo suppose to ship the 18th
Thought I give a heads up tp people


you are correct! my mistake. i am pumped for this case though. i wanna know it's as thin as the one my dad has for his storm. if so, i'm definitely getting it. someone needs to do a video review lol


Does this case snap on and off? Does the Droid still fit in the car mount or docking station without having to take the case off?

Thanks in advance!


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Yes the case snaps on and off on both parts of the phone.

Don't know if it still fits in the docks, as I don't own them...but I doubt it.

- Joe


can you guys who have it post some pics w/ it on PLEASE! i know they have it on the seidio site but i wanna see it for real from someone here.


Curious myself. The thing I haven't liked about cases so far is how it takes space between the screen and keyboard and causes a drag. I'm scared of creating even more space between the two and loosening it up.


Yeah, I'd spend some dough getting this if it worked with the MM Dock / Nav Mount. Looks awesome, and with a holster also?

I'd be happier than a Pig in Sh....a sty.


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The Multimedia dock is a snug fit to begin with. I doubt this case will fit.
Looks nice though. I may pick this up myself!