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Seidio Evo Accessories Pre-Order - ships on 6.3.10

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by htc.EVOlution, May 24, 2010.

  1. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  2. katmandoo122

    katmandoo122 Well-Known Member

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  3. RedsGT

    RedsGT Well-Known Member

    How's their shipping pricing?
  4. Bek

    Bek Android Expert

    Excellent... was highly considering their extended battery, Innocase, & holster. I've had other accessories of theirs for other past phones, batteries in particular, and have always been very satisfied with 'em.
  5. htc.EVOlution

    htc.EVOlution Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    does anyone know if they have discount codes available?
  6. NiCK Crush

    NiCK Crush Well-Known Member

    those cases look slick... I love the blue one.
  7. gibsonhtp

    gibsonhtp Member

    they used to have a rugged case up there, I guess they took it down for now. I hope they put it back up.
  8. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Android Enthusiast

    We thought a joke never hurted! :D
    Seriously though, we have corrected the error, thanks for catching that!

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  9. BeLikMike23

    BeLikMike23 Member

    I've been waiting and waiting for any case to come out so I can have something as soon as possible, but now that a case is out I'm not sure if I should get it or just hold out to see if anything's better... :(

    If anyone can tell me how the Innocase is better than other cases that would be great. Thanks.
  10. some.devil

    some.devil Android Enthusiast

    Wow, a 3500mAh battery is available? :eek:
  11. spider055

    spider055 Newbie

    Can you post the link or a picture of the Sprint exclusive case. I have google search for it and I cannot find it. I like the black Seidio 2pc case plus clip but I would like to compare it to the Sprint exclusive.....Thanks :cool:
  12. tracerit

    tracerit Android Enthusiast

    does Seidio have any plans to make a phone mount for the car (maybe with a vent mount) that's compatible with their Innocase II cases?

    I have a cheap ebay vent mount that's built specifically for the Touch Pro2 that just sucks it in but if i wanted to put it case on the phone it wouldn't fit in the mount. Those universal holders look like crap and my old Touch Pro constantly fell out when i went over bumps.
  13. hopalee

    hopalee Android Enthusiast

  14. Neon8

    Neon8 Member

    Yeh seidio. Thanks for putting this out so quick!!. I love my innocase plus holster for my Pre. The screen in design has keep my Pre screen brand new despite carrying in my pocket for almost a year. Just preordered the burgandy one like the one on my Pre.
  15. BeLikMike23

    BeLikMike23 Member

  16. hopalee

    hopalee Android Enthusiast

    What exactly are you looking for?
  17. Eguy

    Eguy Android Enthusiast

    I saw that. that won't add 20 more lbs at all :D. Can't imagine how much extra life that would add though :eek:
  18. BeLikMike23

    BeLikMike23 Member

    I was originally planning on just using a silicon case for some protection, but considering how amazing this phone is, I want it to remain pristine, so I figured maybe a hard case would be best.
  19. hopalee

    hopalee Android Enthusiast

    have you looked at the ones on www.amzer.com?
  20. BeLikMike23

    BeLikMike23 Member

    I have seen those, and was considering buying an argyle case, likely to use temporarily or if I liked it then permanently, though I decided to wait a little and in the time I was waiting the shipping date was changed to later, so considering it would ship 10 days after I will have the phone in my hand, I don't want to risk it. I was hoping there would be cases out before or on the day the phone is out, so I guess it's either the Innocase or just see what Best Buy has in store on release day.
  21. T3CH

    T3CH Newbie

    Nice find on pre-order Seidio cases!

    I will probably end up deciding between one of theirs or one from Otterbox. I'm glad seidio has started pre-order early hopefully it will motivate Otterbox to push production.
  22. hopalee

    hopalee Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I'm really bummed that I'm not getting my cases (I ordered a silicon case and a hard one) until after I get my EVO and really don't even know WHEN they are coming in. Same with my Ghost Armour. :(
  23. BeLikMike23

    BeLikMike23 Member

    How good is Seidio?
  24. spider055

    spider055 Newbie

  25. hopalee

    hopalee Android Enthusiast

    NP, but the ones from the first link I posted are the only "Sprint" cases I know about. They are the ones that were at the NY EVO Launch Event.

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