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Seidio Innocase Burgundy /pics

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Chandria, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    As promised I am posting a couple of pics of the Seidio Burgundy case. Please note that the actual color is darker due to the fact that macro mode uses flash, so it appears lighter on the pictures. Also, excuse the dust particles, the macro shots are really unforgiving. It looks perfect for the naked eye and on macro, well it is another story... Either way, you get the idea. The case looks beautiful, fits like a glove! I am very happy with how it feels as well. Overall a great purchase and I highly recommend it as well. :)


  2. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Android Enthusiast

    Looks really nice! I like the color too
  3. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I am very happy with the color. As I said it is darker in real life and the second set of pictures on the lighter surface reflect the actual color a little better.
  4. upther

    upther Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the pics. After looking at these and the sapphire blue, I ordered the standard black. Not sure I dig the shiny metallic kind of look that the colored cases give.

  5. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    They do have the black one now on Amazon for $23 ;)
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  6. upther

    upther Android Enthusiast

    Yup, just ordered it. My $20 Amazon gift card made it almost free.
  7. professorjay

    professorjay Newbie

    Thanks for sharing!

    I'm considering getting this because the reddish color matches the red accents on the phone. The blue version looks like the most appealing IMHO but doesn't really match, and black is a little plain.

    Too bad I can't check these out in store.
  8. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    They do have a good return policy, so if for some reason you absolutely hate it, you can always return it. I don't think that will be the case... It really looks awsome on the phone, much better then it shows on the pictures. I love the way it feels too.
  9. Liquoredolce

    Liquoredolce Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I'm pretty unsure. I have the burgandy on preorder, but am kind of torn between the black, blue, and burgandy. :( I don't know what to dooooo
  10. mikeydingo

    mikeydingo Well-Known Member

    how well does the case match the ear piece and camera piece?
  11. Liquoredolce

    Liquoredolce Android Enthusiast

    it looks to be quite a bit darker. I initially sent seidioseidio a message regarding the burgundy and he told me that it was quiet a bit darker than the red accents, which made me hesitant, but I was still hoping for it to be closer than it is. This is making me rethink black.

    EDIT: Not trying to hijack.
  12. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Perfect. The camera piece is more protected too.
  13. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, as I mentioned earlier...the pic where you see the back only on top of the light surface is the closest in color, but imagine a shade darker. Sorry, that is about the best I can do to describe it. :rolleyes:
  14. VmaxEngage

    VmaxEngage Newbie

    Awesome. I was going to take pics of my case but yours looks identical. I'm kind of disappointed that the color is much darker. But overall the case is great. Good pics.
  15. MTC

    MTC Well-Known Member

    Thankyou. I've been waiting for these pics. I still can't decide on a color
  16. Emoney53

    Emoney53 Well-Known Member

    anyone know if sedio makes their innocases to fit their 3500 mah battery thats coming over soon or do they come out with another innocase just to fit the 3500 mah. only reason why im asking is i want a innocase and the 3500 mah battery and dont want to order a new case when i get the new battery.
  17. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, that is why I was trying to emphasize how much darker the actual color is from the pictures.
  18. jsanta11

    jsanta11 Newbie

    Might have to pick this up.. Looks good .. Thanks for the review
  19. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    This will not fit the 3500 mah battery. As I said it fits the phone like a glove, so very snug. Not sure if they are planning on making a case for that too or not. Perhaps that would be a good question for sediosedio. ;)
  20. tbta02

    tbta02 Member

    i have the black one . looking at this i should have got the burgundy . i have to stop visiting this site i keep buying accs . $ 200 for phone and 5 cases and screen protectors and extended batteries later ......
  21. DrunkDroid

    DrunkDroid Member

    LOL im in the same boat as you my friend...and I don't even have the phone yet.:D
  22. Liquoredolce

    Liquoredolce Android Enthusiast

    I have burgandy on backorder, if i get it and decide i want black we should swap hahaha
  23. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    LoL...too funny! I know what you mean though. ;)
  24. rukkus

    rukkus Newbie

    looks nice man. i have the black, but i could totally see myself using that color as well...
  25. JETC

    JETC Member

    Got mine. Love the look, love the feel. Satisfied with the product for sure. Could be a bit cheaper but anything for the incredible ;)

    Only thing I'm worried is the tab that hold the 2 pieces together. Hopefully it stays intact without loosening.

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