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Seidio Innocase II Surface

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dgwood12, May 31, 2010.

  1. dgwood12

    dgwood12 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Seeing that the old threads were all merged I wanted to make this one to continue the discussion on the Innocase II. I really want to know if the case keeps dirt from getting between the phone and case. If so i'm sold. Anyone that has the case or has used an innocase before that can answer that? Thanks!

  2. MTC

    MTC Well-Known Member

    And if anyone has any pics of the red or blue case on their phone please feel free to post pics.
  3. Heelfan71

    Heelfan71 Well-Known Member

    I have never had a case that kept 100% dust / dirt from getting in between the phone and case. I put my phone in my pocket though, which could be why. But I usually have to take the case off and wipe it and the phone down every once in a while.
  4. dgwood12

    dgwood12 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm wondering if an invisible full body shield would fit under the innocase. It has a thickness of about .3mm so its pretty thin. I think it would fit find under the back but Im not sure if it would on the sides. I might just have to cut the invisible shield. Thoughts?
  5. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member

    I have ordered the Burgundy and it should be here this Friday. I will post some pics of it.
  6. CheezWiz

    CheezWiz Well-Known Member

  7. sleeperls

    sleeperls Newbie

    How does the surface feel? I keep my phone in my back pocket and gel cases stick. I need something before the phone gets here. I've got my screen protectors ready to roll just need a case.
  8. hal1

    hal1 Android Expert

    Slides nicely, but still seems to have a good hand grip. Definitely not grippy like the silicon case that you can place on your dashboard and not have it slide
  9. dgwood12

    dgwood12 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  10. rukkus

    rukkus Newbie

    Mine doesn't squeak. I love the look of the case though. It's really sleek... I prefer the grip on the VZW silicone case, however. I feel the innocase is a little bit slippery and that worries me. I will be sticking with it though as it's a little less bulky and way nicer looking.

    I will try to keep track of dirt. The back and sides of my phone were pretty clean after removing the silicone case.
  11. Taylored

    Taylored Android Enthusiast

    I am sure that would work, but it would be pricey, and a bit of overkill.
    I do not have the Innocase, but if it covers the gap on the front screen, I think that would be sufficient for keeping out dust.
  12. hal1

    hal1 Android Expert

    I'm thinking not, at least it didn't with my droid. the seidio is too form fitting
  13. rphusker

    rphusker Newbie

    Just got mine today...Sapphire Blue case and holster combo. Had the Verizon Red/Black gradient. The Seido is a much nicer case, fits much better, no bulging or squeaks. Very happy with it.
  14. jedwards16

    jedwards16 Newbie

    Has anyone installed the Soundgate M2 disc to their Innocase II yet? Does it stick well with no issues?
  15. jacobsjg

    jacobsjg Newbie

    Same question (but for the X-Way car adapter). My innocase should be delivered today, and I am concerned that the 3m adhesive that comes on the metal disks for that type of product isn't going to stick well.

    I tried seidio's online chat- their advice was to buy some strong adhesive, but they could not recommend anything as they said they have not tested anything themselves.

    I'll probably try attaching the disc tonight just using the built-on 3m sticky tape, and will hope for the best! Atleast the new case should protect the phone a bit if it falls dut to the disc popping off!
  16. jedwards16

    jedwards16 Newbie

    If you can, would you mind posting on how that goes? I would assume that if the XWay sticks, the M2 would as well. Thanks
  17. Steven58


    Good thread. I use gradient, but miss the silicone no slip feel of my last smartphone. I'll be following this one as I am always open to new ways to dress up my phone.
  18. jacobsjg

    jacobsjg Newbie

    Well, so far so good with the largest sized thin disc staying attached to the back of the Seidio! Time and regular usage will tell whether it will stay on, but it is sticking much better than it did with the verizon hard case.

    It doesn't look horrible on the back of the case, but the Seidio of coarse looked nicer without it. But if this works for me like I hope it will, that's a tradeoff I have no problem with!
  19. professorjay

    professorjay Newbie

    Anyone have the grey one? Does it have a metallic finish? It seems like the black one doesn't, but all the colored ones do.

    I'd consider a gunmetal grey look.
  20. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    "Hey listen, I got this product that sucks..." If I had a dollar for every time I've said that in my life...

    Thanks for posting that. Makes me feel like my purchase of an Otterbox a couple minutes ago ($22 Amazon) is even more of a good idea that I thought.
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  21. sul7en

    sul7en Newbie

    Yeah, I hope people steer clear of this thing, it is pretty frustrating. I saw the Seidio guys on the forums promoting these things so I figured I would support the community.
    Customer Support called me yesterday but they want me to pay my own shipping to return it. I'm not spending another penny on this thing. They sent me a replacement Droid 1 case so I'm confused as to why they wont just drop another DroidX case in the mail. I think it might be because they all are problematic like this and they know full well another one is going to do the same thing. The answers are vauge and clearly "the runaround" type answers which tells me this thing is just garbage and they know it. With the Droid 1 I was told "yeah we had a problem with that one so another one is on the way" but this time it's like been more like "Hey is that a blimp up there?" *Click*

    email to the email address listed as their "Sales" comes back undeliverable so who knows maybe the company isn't doing so hot. Just spend your 27 bucks on something else that's for sure.

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