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Seidio Innocase(TM) Rugged for Motorola Droid Now Available!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by seidioseidio, May 14, 2010.

  1. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hello All,

    Seidio is proud to announce our Innocase(TM) Rugged, our first convertible case that combines the sophistication of a Innocase 360 with built in screen guard and clear keyboard, pair that with the security of the Rugged Skin and matching holster. We are happy to announce that it is NOW AVAILABLE for shipping!


    The Innocase Rugged is now shipping for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 & Apple iPhone 3G/3GS & Motorola Droid! Please visit our website for complete details!

    Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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  2. F150FAN

    F150FAN Well-Known Member

    I just ordered mine and cannot wait to get it! For everyone that has been wanting a case that PROHIBITS the keyboard from opening this is the case! I also work in some harsh environments as well so I am hoping that is one tough case. I encourage everyone to check out Seidio's website and look at the description. I really can't wait to try this out!

    Seidio - Your Single Source for Premium Smartphone Accessories
  3. bwsmith

    bwsmith Member

    Still with that giant hinge that digs into your hip?
  4. BlueIce5249

    BlueIce5249 Android Expert

    That clip is effing HUGE!
  5. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Are you interested in the holster with standard size belt clip ?

  6. bwsmith

    bwsmith Member

    I am still on the hunt for a decent holster that doesn't jab my hip an pops on and off easy enough to cradle the phone at night. The OEM is far from perfect but so has everything else so far. I have spent more in cases, holsters and pouches than I spent on the Droid. Ideally I would just love a top opening holster so i i wouldn't have to use a skin at all.
  7. F150FAN

    F150FAN Well-Known Member

    Does the Innocase 360 that comes with Rugged case have the built-in screen protector with it or will I have to use the one I have now? If it does come with the built-in protector should I remove the Ultimate Screen Guard that I have on there now? Thanks!
  8. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Android Enthusiast

    I just bought the Seidio Innocase and love it! I could see why people would have a need to keep dust and debris out of the mechanical hinges and out from between the screen and keyboard. What a good idea!
  9. AVP

    AVP Newbie

    F150FAN - It says it comes with a screen protector built in so I guess having two screen protectors would reduce or eliminate the sensitivity.
    I wouldn't take off your current screen protector, obviously, until your new one comes in so you can inspect it.
  10. barry99705

    barry99705 Android Expert

    Does the camera still work?
  11. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter


    Yes! The Innocase 360 have a built in Screen Guard. We do recommend taking off any other screen protector to avoid watermarking or any sensitivity issues.

    Yes! The flap covering the camera peels back and tuck in on the slit, making the camera and flash fully function while the phone is in the case.

  12. snapcase

    snapcase Android Enthusiast

    Looks like it makes it impossible to use the slide out keyboard. Not to hip on that. Otherwise looks sturdy if not a bit bulky.
  13. potsnpans

    potsnpans Lurker

    does anyone know if they are gonna make a rugged model for the droid 2 i cant find any hardcore cases for the droid 2 it sucks

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