Aug 9, 2010
Oceanside, California
What's going on all? I'm fired up and proud to be a new Evo owner by tomorrow from Sprint via UPS if things work out as paid. I ordered a Seidio Innocell 3500 mAh extended life battery from Amazon and would like to order that Seidio spring-clip holster if it should fit. Anybody out here order/use that battery and recommend/use any other type of case or holder for "Our" phone?
I'm also planning on installing that Invisible Shield on the front glass.
Anybody against that or can they recommend anything better and clearer?
Welcome to Android Forums. I will move your thread to Evo accessories.
The studio clip should work with it. Invisible shield screen protectors peel with the seidio clip. I like the cheap screen protectors you can get on ebay. They are about $3 and you get 3.
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I got the battery but I didn't get a case or holder. With this battery, any bigger would be too big IMO.'ll love the battery. its awesome. All moderate to heavy users should get it. It really let's you use all the features of the phone without having to worry about where you will charge next
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