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Seidio vs Otterbox - I can't decide!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MrFreeman, May 23, 2011.

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    Let me first unravel the tale of my case experiences. First, I owned the "Sidieo Spring Clip Holster" by itself. Popping it in and out was a charm, and I could listen to my headphones while I walked around work. At 6' tall, my belt just happens to be at the doorknob level of all the doors at my office, and I once collided the phone in the holster with a doorknob, and it was then I decided I needed some serious protection.

    I then proceeded to order my own custom back covering from Zagg with their invisible-shield. This was a mistake as I soon found out, because the sides of the phone, as well as the camera lens were left completely naked. Not to mention the protective stickers would not adhere well to the textured area on every part of the Inspire 4G that wasn't metal (the stickers also had a texture like a movie theater's sticky floor).

    I then decided to send Zagg it's stuff back with it's satisfaction-guarantee policy, and I've got to admit, they have some very poor customer service (at least my one experience), as well as sending back the "Sidieo Spring Clip Holster". My phone was now in a holster which barely fit it which I had gotten for my Sharp SH-07B. Unfortuinately, the belt clip uses some type of vinyl instead of leather to attach the beltclip to the clip on the holster, and it had broke getting out of the car a few weeks ago, putting a nasty dent in the SIM Cover. I luckily had a spare belt clip from my Panasonic VS7's holster, but it's also starting to break in the same fashion.

    I am, and always will be a holster fan. I don't put my wallet in my back pocket, and I find it difficult to juggle a wallet, keys, usb drive, and a cell phone all in my pockets.

    TO GET TO THE POINT: I am looking at the Otterbox Commuter because it's more streamlined than the Defender, which I like, but it has no holster. The Seidio ACTIVE on the other hand has a holster, and offers somewhat similar protection, but I'm not sure I like it as much as the Commuter. I've also purchased, and sent back, the Seidio Innocase Rugged as I would have to purchase the Innocase II holster separately if I chose not to use the defender add-on with the holster (the Innocase II rattled around too much in the Rugged holster for my tastes).

    Am I just being too picky to settle down? Juggling all these cases back and forth has cost me a few nicks and dents on my Inspire 4G already, so I think I just need to pick one soon, even if it's a coin toss.

    SIDE-THOUGHT: Why does Zagg.com sell the InvisibleShield for $14.99 for the Inspire 4G screen protector when the InvisibleShield mall kiosks and BestBuy sell them for $20+? I had second thoughts about sending the screen protector back, but the satisfaction guarantee was an all or nothing deal.

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  2. ryanenos

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    seido convert case
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    The otterbox commuter worked good for me, but I didn't use the belt clip. However, my fiance' used the belt clip for his, and broke it. While hooked on his pocket, then he started using the one that I wasn't using, and broke it to, in the same exact manner. I don't know anything about the other product, but we are not happy with the otterbox commuter belt clip. We do have the otterbox on the phones, but carry them in our pockets, seat of the truck, or cupholder.

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