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Seido Surface

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by psoulos, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. psoulos

    psoulos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I see the status on the Seido website was changed to now shipping for the Surface case. Can someone post impressions if they received theirs?

  2. herkulease

    herkulease Guest

    actually only the black is shipping. every other color is still 8/23.

    seeing as how slow they are, I wonder when we'll actually see the active line even preorder.
  3. LOTL

    LOTL Newbie

    Im interested in this or the active case and if either will fit the phone when using an extended life battery. Im also waiting to see what Seido comes up with for a case to handle their 3500 mah battery.
    Edit: Just saw that the Active cases will not work with the 3500mah battery. It only shows this on the Combo page when buying the case and holster together. Im assuming its due to the case mostly. Dont see the same shown on the combo page for the Surface, but im sure an email to Seido might help clear things up.

    Ive ordered and $8 cheapy case off of Ebay and will continue to use my Verizon leather pouch in the meantime.
    Patience isnt easy to come by for us early adopters...
  4. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Member

    I ordered mine on Friday but it hasn't shipped yet so they may be a little behind
  5. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Member

    I still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation yet so Im assuming they are not ready.
  6. ridaz650

    ridaz650 Newbie

    i received mine yesterday. i got the surface combo, so far i'm liking the case. it's a tad bit thicker the rocketfish case, the tabs on the case is way more sturdy then the rocketfish. the volume & camera buttons are a tad bit harder to push down cause of the case thickness (i compare it to the verizon silicone case w/ the buttons tabs cut out).

    the rocketfish case does fit in the holster w/ a little play to it but secure enough that it won't fall out. i'll post pics later today for you guys.







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  7. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Member

    Hmm. I ordered mine Friday and it still shows that its processing.
  8. Classic

    Classic Newbie

    I see that is the same style as the Rocketfish cases ( two pieces, front and back), I dont really care for that style...Is it snug on there ? because the Rocketfish one feels like you can pop it off while taking pictures
  9. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Android Enthusiast

    That case looks pretty damn good. I can't wait to receive mine, and if that case fits with the extended battery... then I'm in heaven. :p
  10. ridaz650

    ridaz650 Newbie

    its a lot more sturdier then the rocketfish case by far. tho like i said this case is thicker.

    btw; i just received my extended battery & the seidio case fits!! its a little snug on the left side of the phone (hdmi/charger side) but enough to close it. i just tried the rocketfish case again & it fits.
  11. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Android Enthusiast

    When you say thicker, I know that the Rocketfish case is rather thin, but how do you compare this? Like what are the measurements I guess? Or..... is it thick enough that I'm going to feel like it makes the phone extremely bulky?
  12. ridaz650

    ridaz650 Newbie

    tried to do a side by side. i don't know the exact measurements. sorry for the crappy lighting.


    Seidio (left) - Rocketfish (right)

    also pending which side you put on first is where a barley noticeable gap will be. you really cant see it but its there.

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  13. Weegie5

    Weegie5 Newbie

    Anyone know whether or not this Seido Surface case is compatible with the Motorola car dock?

  14. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Android Enthusiast

    So essentially they're the same case, but Seidio added more protection and thickness to the middle of it. Does the Seidio make it feel bulky in any way compared to the Rocketfish?
  15. mach330

    mach330 Well-Known Member

    hmm.it does look kind'a thick to me. at least compare to my seidio innocase II for my dinc.
  16. Stealthman

    Stealthman Android Enthusiast

    The Rocketfish case is sturdy, it won't pop off while taking pictures.
  17. DOOG9517

    DOOG9517 Newbie

    Extended battery and its cover fit with the seidio case! The case fits on just fine, well maybe takes a little more squeezing to snap it on, but it works!!!!! With the regular battery, the cover actually has some give(room under the cover) when you press in the center of the back. Cant post pics, but trust me, it fits fine.
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  18. SgtCyborg

    SgtCyborg Lurker

    I would also like to know if this case works with the car dock... :thinking:
  19. psoulos

    psoulos Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So if I'm looking to minimize bulk, I should go with the rocketfish?
  20. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf Member

    Your talking about the Verizon Extended Battery correct?
  21. twister6

    twister6 Android Expert

    Are you guys serious about rocketfish? I had it for over a week and couldn't wait until i returned it back to BB. The bottom lock popped open on the second day and I couldn't close it back. For $25 its way overpriced and you can get a similar one from ebay for $5 (I got that one too, made out of different material but its the same 2-piece crap). Luxmo/Amzer TPU soft gel argyle one piece case is the best ;)
  22. DOOG9517

    DOOG9517 Newbie

    I am talking about the motorola extended battery from verizon.
  23. TangoXray

    TangoXray Newbie

    I looked at the Rocketfish model at BB today and passed. The seidio looks pretty good but I'm really looking forward to the Otterbox case which I'm guessing should be out fairly soon. I may have to get the Seidio to get me by.
  24. Leftyguy

    Leftyguy Android Expert

    Just received mine today and it is not, even with the insert taken out from the dock. :(
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