Nov 10, 2011
I have a drone with a separate controller that uses my phone (galaxy S6 active - Android version 7.0) as the viewing screen for the drone's pictures / video (bebop parrot). You connect the drone controller to the Free flight app and the free flight app to the drone.

I have managed to get everything connected a number of times, but the phone's wifi keeps disconnecting from the drone controller and connecting to my home's wifi instead. It then pops up a message that my connection can't connect to the internet which I have to answer every time and then try to get back to the free flight app. Fortunately my drone has not crashed YET before I could re-establish a connection.

I was using the app to connect directly to the drone through wifi but was losing connections often and hoped buying the separate controller would keep me in control of the drone. It's better, but I can't see the video without the screen connected.

I want to have the phone ALWAYS and ONLY connect to the controller wifi when a connection is available (whenever the controller is powered on) and stay connected to it no matter what other connections are available. I also don't want a pop up about not being able to connect to the internet.

Any ideas or apps that can accomplish this?
See if the phone has a setting for automatically selecting the best WiFi, if it has, un-check it. I don't have an S6 Active myself, but many phones do have this option. I have a friend who does fly a DJI drone using a Samsung Note5 phone no problem.
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