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Self shutting-down/restarting?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bruner1981jpce, May 19, 2012.

  1. bruner1981jpce

    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone. I'm new here and wanted to start out by saying hi. So now onto my problem. I've had my Amaze 4G for a few weeks now and its a great phone. Over the last couple days though, its been acting a little weird. It just restarts itself out of nowhere, or completely shuts down. This just started happening on Thursday. This happens completely at random. Most of the time, its just in my pocket, but sometimes it will happen right when I unlock the screen, when I'm scrolling through my apps, and once it happened while uploading a picture. What could be going on here? I called the T-Mobile support line last night, and they had me go through and delete all of my texts (there were at least 700 total) and clear the cache from all of my apps. I regularly use the task manager to stop any apps that may be running in the background to keep it working well. If it helps, here is a list of the applications I have downloaded that did not come on the phone:
    Amazon MP3
    Angry Birds
    Bank of America
    Barcode Scanner
    Battery Solo Widget
    Google Voice
    InkPad NotePad
    Facebook Messenger

    Thanks again! Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

  2. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Android Enthusiast

    None of those apps should be the problem. Ive had this problem before and all tmobile had me do was factory reset my phone. Even though i lost all my text and apps + data, i was able to solve the issue. So my suggestion would be to factory reset your amaze.
  3. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Android Expert

    The OTA update to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 is available starting today. Installing that might straighten things out.
  4. bruner1981jpce

    Thread Starter

    Got ICS today, and its still done it a few times. It was fixed for the last couple days after i got rid of a couple of those apps i listed. seems to be working fine now. only odd thing with the ICS i'm noticing right now is that my "Tags" app is gone :thinking: I'm really disappointed about that and really want it back considering the company my dad works for is producing those NFC tags right now. any idea how to get it back?
  5. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Android Expert

    I don't have and never did have an app called 'Tags'. Doesn't show up in the market either. Since the Amaze supports NFC it must be that Tags is not yet compatible with ICS. Try contacting the developer.
  6. soundping

    soundping Well-Known Member

    Have you tried a different battery?
  7. bruner1981jpce

    Thread Starter

    I have not tried a different battery. Since it was less than 30 days ago that I bought the phone, I'm going to be taking it to costco tomorrow to get it replaced. Even after the update to ICS, and doing a master reset yesterday, the phone is still problematic, even worse than before. Its at the point where it just won't stay turned on. It will finish booting up, sometimes not even finish, and then shut back down. Battery has about 80% left
  8. soundping

    soundping Well-Known Member

    There's a chip in those batteries that can go bad.
  9. bruner1981jpce

    Thread Starter

    It only seems to do it in the middle of the day, and only then:thinking:. Me and my entire family all have the same phones, so I swapped my battery with my mom's today, hers hasn't shut off and neither has mine. guess we'll see how it works out tomorrow
  10. ezcheese15

    ezcheese15 Lurker

    I just want to say I'm having the *exact* same problem with my phone.

    Mine is about 2 months old, but your symptoms are identical to mine. It has only gotten worse and worse over the past couple weeks. Now it is to the point that sometimes it takes me about 20 restarts before the phone ever makes it through the boot process and grabs a signal.

    I called HTC earlier this week and they had me do a factory reset. Of course, like I figured, it did nothing to help. Later that same day it shut off on me again. I just got off the phone with HTC again and they said I need to send the phone in for repair. This sucks because I really would like to make use of the camera these next couple weeks. Going out of town on two different vacation trips and I hate the thought of going back to my Mytouch 3G Slide for a couple weeks. Sucks.
  11. Zoren

    Zoren Lurker

    Recently my Amaze started doing the same thing.. I've noted that it seems to only die when running on the internal battery though, and when it does suddenly shut down it usually keeps shutting down spontaneously until I open the phone and remove the battery pack for a moment and reinsert it. that coupled with the phone thinking it had 28% charge when before restarting it showed an 80% charge leads me to agree these issues are possibly battery related...
  12. ezcheese15

    ezcheese15 Lurker

    Yup, exactly the same as mine. Although the power when it comes back on is always random. Sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less than when it powered off. Usually it goes from like 90% down to 5%, but I've seen it do the opposite too.

    Anyway, my phone is currently @ HTC, so we'll see what happens. Meanwhile, using my Mytouch 3G Slide is using a 12 year old Nokia now lol.
  13. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Member

    Okay, first off ... STOP using the Task Manager (or any third party app) to kill applications to "keep it running well." That's a myth that has carried over from old Windows computers with limited RAM and pagefile space. The Android OS (most mobiles' systems in fact) is designed to keep apps resident in memory and then swap out as needed. Read this carefully: you're supposed to have as little as 15-20% of RAM available at any given time. That IS the system running well. So don't worry about it.

    Now with ICS + Sense 3.6 you can simply discard apps by holding the HOME key, and on the "recently used apps" screen tap and drag to the right any app you're planning to use for a while. That does something similar to Task manager app, but much easier. But generally, don't worry about RAM. Just use the phone, let Android OS manage itself.

    I've heard of a few people with defective batteries, or the phone, that results in the phone restarting from time to time. At one time, I found an update of a Google app was not playing well with Sense, but it was resolved by a later update. Before doing some hardware swap out, technical support may ask you to do a factory reset to eliminate anything you've downloaded or updated from factory installed versions. You might try a boot to "Safe Mode." It if doesn't happen after a factory reset, it's something you installed, or a setting your changed.

    FYI I've recently read of people who keep seeing the white "HTC" boot screen frequently, but that isn't a restart, it's Sense restarting, likely the result of a misbehaving app, or aggressive use of a task manager or developer option. (There's a developer option that doesn't allow any app to remain resident in memory, and that can bork up HTC Sense. Don't use any of those.)

    Hope this helps....
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  14. soundping

    soundping Well-Known Member

    If you contact HTC about this reboot issue they'll give you a new battery. You just pay for shipping. :smokingsomb:
  15. ezcheese15

    ezcheese15 Lurker

    That wasn't an option when I contacted them. They said I had to send the phone in to have it repaired under warranty. Tracking # shows it to be delivered today, so hopefully I can test it out soon and report back if it was fixed.
  16. ezcheese15

    ezcheese15 Lurker

    Well so far so good. I picked up the phone yesterday evening from Fedex and haven't had any problems with it yet. I know it's still early, but it seems to be fixed. In the state it was before I sent it in for repair, it would have rebooted 20-30 times already.

    I'll post up if I run into any more problems, but otherwise warranty repair worked!

    To the OP, if you are still having problems, send your phone back to HTC to have it fixed. It sucks going back to your old phone for a couple weeks, but it is worth it not to have your Amaze constantly shutting off. So from my experience, it doesn't look like the battery is the problem, but rather something inside the phone itself.
  17. bruner1981jpce

    Thread Starter

    Well, the problem had gone away for a while, but now its coming back. Sadly, sending the phone to HTC isn't an option at this point, because this is my first T-Mobile phone, so I don't have another phone to use. Maybe I can just get them to send me another battery. My battery also seems to lose a charge really fast. I haven't used it for anything today, I took it off the charger around 10:30 (now 12:25) this morning, and its already down to 75%. WiFi and bluetooth are off, and when I go to Settings>Power>What has been using the battery, it only shows Screen, Cell standby, and Phone idle. Maybe the battery is really going bad?
  18. soundping

    soundping Well-Known Member

    @ bruner1981jpce

    Does your charger have the 5pin or 12pin cord?

    I know some people have reported sometimes 5pin plugs will not charge correctly.
  19. Zoren

    Zoren Lurker

    Well from personal experience I can now confirm the defective battery issue.
    With a Replacement battery my Amaze hasn't abruptly lost power for over two days now.

    Sadly it was somewhat difficult to get only a replacement battery, T-mobile support was reluctant to do anything, (initially thinking I was complaining about short battery life, or that it must be an App I installed causing the issue) and when they were satisfied it was a Hardware issue they first offered replacing the phone but not the battery. Fortunately I Insisted on trying a battery replacement first (which incurred a shipping fee)...

    So that said, I highly recommend anyone else with this issue also try replacing their phone's battery fist despite the hassle you might have to go through to get the replacement. Thanks to those what mentioned the possible defective battery issue, you saved me a bunch of time and hassle.
  20. vila

    vila Lurker

    I FOUND A SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!

    My HTC AMAZE 4G started to turn off randomly after about 4 months of use.
    The shut-downs were random,few times a day(sometimes I couldn't even turn the phone on) and most of the times cause a huge drop in the battery life (from 90% before shut down to 5% after I turned him on again)

    A long long (longgg!!!) time I tried to find a solution,and I found out that there are many HTC AMAZE users who having this issue.

    The problem was the back cover!!

    The back (black/white) cover of the phone is not 100% tight to the battery,and he gets a little loose.

    So I added a piece of paper on the battery,and then closed the back cover(!!!!!!!!)
    Thats it!!

    (I know that when you look at the battery,it looks like it stuck well in the place,and I dont know how the battery removal decreases the battery life,BUT TRUST ME - IT WORK!!!!

    Its the 4th day that my phone works without any random shut down!!!!
    (after more than 6 months in which he turned himself off any half hour or more..)
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  21. ezcheese15

    ezcheese15 Lurker

    I thought I had responded to this thread about this, but maybe not. I have found the same thing with my phone. After sending it in twice to have repaired by HTC, the problem continued. I then used a piece of Bergquist Gap Pad (I work for Bergquist, so I had a sample laying around), and put it on the back of the battery. The increased pressure of the back cover (along with the thermal characteristics of Gap Pad), not only fixed the rebooting problem, but increased battery life by about double. I've had this fix in place for a few months now with no problems, whereas before it would reboot multiple times daily and could kill the battery in an instant.

    I think it is sad that HTC doesn't acknowledge this as a problem, let alone have a fix for this, and that we, as consumers, have come up with the mechanical solution to the problem they don't acknowledge exists. Ridiculous.
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  22. jtbranham

    jtbranham Lurker

    I know I don't know any of you but I freaking love who figured out that the battery just wasn't snug enough and just putting something there fixes everything. I put a guitar pick between my battery and the back plate and I haven't had the same exact issues with random shit downs/random restarts/insanely horrible battery life. I've had this issue for about 4 months and nothing anywhere has been helpful. I have been extremely reluctant to send my phone in for repairs because I don't have another phone. Problem is 100% gone and I'm back to LOVING my amaze. Thank you guys so much. You're all very awesome. I can't believe that's all it was haha
  23. ridavila

    ridavila Lurker

    Completely frustrated. My HTC Amaze started a month ago to shutting down more than 10 times a day. I had read all the forums, tried all the posted solutions (new OEM battery, factory reset, the piece of paper between the battery and the back cover) and nothing had work...problem persist...it is completely unacceptable for so expensive phone...and obviously warranty is over...any new suggestion? Have someone find something new that eliminate this problem?
  24. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Android Enthusiast

    If you are rooted you could try wiping battery stats.
    And if that doesnt work try fixing permissions.
  25. ridavila

    ridavila Lurker

    Can you give me more details on how wiping battery stats and fixing permissions? What do you mean with that?

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