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Sell me on a home replacement...

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by Jason8, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Jason8

    Jason8 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Can someone explain to me why a home replacement is the way to go? Currently only using 3 screen, starting to get full, but so far so good. So what other features do replacement homes have that you guys find to be a distinct advantage over the regular home? I kind of like some of the themes out there, but isn't that essentially just a different background with custom icons? In theory can't I just download a custom icon packet (I'm guessing these exist??), and find a background I like and I am good to go? And what's with the docking bar?

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  2. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    I dont use a home replacement, but I do use BetterCut to create custom icons for my shortcuts.
  3. vonfeldt7

    vonfeldt7 Well-Known Member

    Well themes can change more than just icons/wallpapers, and some people like that level of customization. I would recommend PandaHome or GDE for the Moto Droid. I tried PandaHome and wasn't that impressed, but I really like GDE (mostly the cube transition). Just try a few out and see what you like.
  4. Viconi

    Viconi Newbie

    home++ is the best free one for me. IMO you just need to start downloading home replacements and searching the forums because this is a pretty popular subject with alot of different opinions.
  5. punyweakling

    punyweakling Well-Known Member

    I'll be back here to sell you on Sweeter Home once Preview 2 is out. Check the link in my sig for some advanced screens - some vid on there too. Effectively you will be able to custom build your own homescreen - almost to the level of creating your own UI...

    Preview 1 is on the market now but it's seriously outdated and unstable. P2 (I have a private beta) is stable with a bunch of new features...
  6. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Android Expert

    It basically comes down to personal preference.

    If you're fine with having 3 screens but want to be able to customize icons, then Better Cut is definitely the way to go.

    You could also try out UltimateFaves. UltimateFaves v2.1.1 Application for Android | Productivity

    They also have a pro version that you need to download from the dev's website via PayPal. It's definitely secure.

    Since I downloaded UltimateFaves Pro I don't have any real use for my screens (5). Now the empty screens are filled with what I'm most addicted to...widgets.

    If you are looking to try out a new home app, though, I would go with PandaHome (free), dxTop (paid; has been a little unstable lately), Home++ (free), and GDE (paid; my personal fav).

    Open Home and aHome, IMO, have been losing steam, and are not as stable or smooth as the other I mentioned.
  7. ddukatz

    ddukatz Lurker

    I definitely agree!!! Sweeter Home will be what I will use when preview 2 comes out!

    I really like the way DxTop switches between screens, but Sweeter Home is WAY more customizable.
  8. jwmacdon1231

    jwmacdon1231 Android Expert

    +1 for that. I had preview 2 for a bit, and I was amazed at what it could do. Especially being such an early version
  9. Jonnyflash

    Jonnyflash Newbie

    I personally like GDE, it is a paid app, but once installed, constantly updates, and lots of free themes available once installed.
  10. Wobble

    Wobble Lurker

    I don't know if you can help but I'm having a problem with Ultimatefaves. I've just discovered it and downloaded it but it seem to be too 'big' for my Hero. It almsot takes the whole phone down while it loads etc.

    Any ideas otherwise I'll zap it
  11. Wobble

    Wobble Lurker

    I don't know if you can help but I'm having a problem with Ultimatefaves. I've just discovered it and downloaded it but it seem to be too 'big' for my Hero. It almsot takes the whole phone down while it loads etc.

    Any ideas otherwise I'll zap it.

    Thanks, in anticipation...
  12. gizbug

    gizbug Well-Known Member

    So GDE has the most themes out there out of the major contenders?
  13. Jonnyflash

    Jonnyflash Newbie

    Not sure about the number of themes available, but I have seen quite a bit. I haven't really looked at the others since I paid for GDE.
  14. punyweakling

    punyweakling Well-Known Member

    Well a bunch of themes work on several different home apps so you can't really tell.
  15. BottledHate

    BottledHate Android Enthusiast

    Home++ and Better Cut

    same default feel with more home screens(up to 7) and more options....

    latest version can take home screen shots without root.

    Better icons with Better Cut.
  16. NOMster

    NOMster Android Enthusiast

    The problem I have with gde is that the themes don't have built in icons. Or at least none of the ones I have found do. And since there aren't any icon packs...you still have to have better cut to change icons.
  17. I am just a huge fan of PandaHome, mostly because I can use themes from the others, and I like the dockbars, the multi-screen options, and a lot of the other great features it has. GDE is cool too.
  18. dsglenn82

    dsglenn82 Lurker

    I don't understand that as open as android is themes and theme building isn't an integrated part of the OS like it is on the blackberrys. Ok I know you can learn the code and root the phone but really most people will not do that. I think integration of themes into the OS will arrive but when and will creaters be able to sell themes?
  19. scaz

    scaz Newbie

    Have been looking for home++ in market place used a bar code scanner and even went on a web site via my hero and still could not find it.

    any ideas lads have looked before asking!


  20. Okay, well, I have been playing around with OpenHome quite a bit. I tried DxTop and GDE, and I really didn't enjoy either of those. Panda is just way too unstable for me nowadays, which is sad, because I really liked Panda. So I am gonna stick with OpenHome for the time being, until I have the chance to really see the power that GDE has. OpenHome does everything I need, and honestly, some of the perks of the others don't interest me, as I am simply looking to have a nice, clean, cool theme to be able to rest my eyes upon when I look to my phone. So honestly, I don't think a person can be sold on a home replacement app, as each will do different things. So it really is about what you want, not what we tell you you want.
  21. reznorfan0

    reznorfan0 Member

    I tried and liked open home quite a lot, then discovered GDE. GDE has been pushing updates like mad the past few weeks and has become very stable and fast. I wish it had some icon and font packs, but the thing that makes it hard for me to leave is the application dock widget. Cutting down on the number of screens is always nice for organizing icons, and those docks let you have as many iconsas you want within it. All my games sit in one dock that only takes up one row, awsome. The cube effect is also very cool. If only openhome and gde would merge functionality.
  22. knarf

    knarf Lurker

    I use home++ after switching from panda home. I really like it.

    What version of android are you using? it's 1.6 and above only.
  23. What is the general consensus on home++ these days? still fc'ing a lot?
  24. knarf

    knarf Lurker

    I don't find their is a problem with FC's.
  25. Biggame

    Biggame Lurker

    I've been using home++ for about a month now and have been having FC problems as of late on my Droid. I love it's added functionality over the stock home set up, but hate how unstable it's become. Anyone else having similar problems??? I'm not sure I want to experiment with other homes if they don't offer some significant advantage. They all seem to have there own advantages and disadvantages.

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