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Aug 23, 2010
Alright, I'll try to make this short and sweet. I'm on an LG Ally. Pretty much anything is better than that, yes? But here is my dilema. I'm torn between the Droid X and the Incredible. Here are the points I am Torn at

Incredible Pro's (that are why i like it)

  • It's completely open to modding! (cyanogen Mod and custom Kernals)
  • It's more compact
  • The display is beautiful
  • From what I've read, HTC's Support is pretty good. (though i dont have a clue)
Droid X's Pro's (over the incredible)

  • Superior Microphone setup ( Both in quality and that it has 3)
  • Larger screen thats easier to read ( even though it is pretty big)
  • Video Quality is also superior
  • HDMI out (although who knows if i'll use it day to day)
  • Battery Life is better
Why should I choose an Droid X over an Incredible in your opinion? And please don't direct me to buy a thunderbolt or droid X 2. I'm looking for a Tested phone that isnt $200-$300.

Edit: I also Am curious as to how much the Gingerbread update improves the phone overall.
I love my x but your basically going to buy an outdated phone that motorola doesnt like to update all that much

if i were you id look into the thunderbolt since its been out for awhile or wait another month or two to hear about dx2 or some of the new 4g phones

i know u said dont direct u there but thats my opinion......if your looking for cheap older phone droid x is the way to go no complaints from me

edit: also as far as the gingerbread update i had it for a bit before i reset my phone to stock for the ota and it seemed to make the phone alot smoother and just had alot nicer look to it and as far as the size ya its large but once u have it for like a week you dont notice it at all i have a case on mine and everything and have no issues with the size of it
With all due respect to Pektas, I think the Droid X is the better option - I love the HUGE screen and also enjoy excellent battery life with normal usage - 1 to 2 days between charges, which is awesome!

Personally I don't think this phone is outdated, it works very well in its current configuration - I'm still on Froyo 2.2.1, rooted, overclocked at 1.26 Ghz, and undervolted so it uses much less juice which helps with my awesome battery life. I use it as a wifi hotspot, surf the web, and the call quality is also the best of any phone I've ever owned. Sure, it isn't dual core or have 4G, but I haven't found either of those an issue for my needs. For many months, it was the flagship phone for Verizon - that says a lot.

I've never owned a dinc but I have surfed their forum - lots of complaints about battery life there, and if you look at the DX forum here, you'll find many that are former dinc owners now enjoying the benefits of their Droid X. In all fairness, they are both good phones. The unlocked bootloader of the dinc is definitely a plus - but I've never really needed that in order to get the functionality or performance I desire from my phone. Bear in mind this is only the opinion of one person happy with their Droid X, and you'll find a diversity of those here.

Also my opinion, but I don't think the Thunderbolt or DX2 is that much of an improvement, so I won't tell you to go with one of those. If you look at the Thunderbolt forum, there are so many complaints about battery life there that, to me it becomes a moot point. I don't want to recharge my phone every few hours.

GB looks like it will help smooth out the few remaining issues that Froyo still has, although I don't find them that bad myself, a little lag here and there but no show stoppers IMO. I'm waiting for a rooted option for the OTA before I update though as I use rooted features frequently.

in the end, either the Dinc or DX will definitely be a major step up from your Ally. I hope this helps - Good luck with your decision!
i know you don't want anyone to do this...but im not sure i would REALLY recommend the X or the DInc right now...they have both been replaced by newer versions of the same name...and there are other devices out there that are just plain is likely the X will be getting an official update to Gingerbread...and that will almost certainly be it as far as support...same for the DInc....

unfortunately either way youre in essence buying a dead device...
I have never owned an dinc, but I have never for one day second guessed my choice to get my DX. From what I have seen right now there is not a phone that is out there or being released this month that I would want to upgrade to. If I needed to get a new phone I would go with the DX2, but I don't have to and the DX is working great.

I think you laid out the pros and cons great and it is now what is most important to you. The size of the X has been great and I will not go to a phone with less than a 4.3 screen again. Also the form factor of the X does not make it feel big and bulky. My wifes D2G is more bulky with a smaller screen.

Gingerbread has been great, a major upgrade in look and feel from FroYo. I think if there was not a locked bootloader this phone would be a major beast, but it is just a beast because of it. With root, you can overclock/undervolt, add themes and flash some roms. With the Gingerbread update running so well I can almost overlook it being locked. I knew this when I bought it and I still wanted it because it looked to be an amazing phone and it has been. It is also very durable, I have had it for 9 months and it still looks new.
gotta agree with the masses, I wouldn't buy either of these phones now. They'll be 3yrs old after a 2yr contract, neither phone will probably still be getting updates by then. I'd spend the extra coin and get one of the newer devices.

I will say that my DX is so good, that I might skip my annual upgrade this year, I have yet to see anything dual core does that is THAT much better than single core, plus eventually (come on VZW & Moto) I have LTE coming on my Xoom so I don't really need to upgrade phones right now. This year might be 1st time in many years I decide not to get a new phone and for that, the DX deserves kudos.
i was simply going by Verizon's price for the phones...and there will be 3rd party deals after short times on the X2 as well...

there is nothing wrong with the X...its a great piece of hardware...but its just old...its been replaced...

They will eventually have some good third party deals for the X2 but right now, for someone like ccsoccer03 who doesn't seem to want the newest thing, you can't beat getting an X for a penny. :D
I understand that New phones are around the corner. I'm getting a Certified Refurbished phone. The new phones are out of the question. Besides... Honestly, what do I need dual cores for? Burning battery twice as fast? I'm sure in the future that will be needed and common place, but I'm not after the shiny new toy. I'm after a good, reasonably priced phone that will last me. That's what I want. I'm leaning heavily toward the X.
I've had both the Incredible and the Droid X and I have to be honest. I would choose the X over the Incredible. The display on the Incredible didn't blow me away to be honest. Sure, the one I had was AMOLED and it was nice but it isn't a black and white difference as the AMOLED Incredible club would have you believe.

I prefer the size of the X. I had the Incredible inside a Seidio Active case and it still felt small in my hands.

Sure, the Incredible has an unlocked bootloader but for what I do with this phone I haven't even noticed. All I do is root/rom/theme. I've yet to mess with overclocking as my X has gotten 2k+ Quadrant scores running GingerBlur. This phone does everything I want it to do and more!

I highly recommend the X over the Incredible.
From what I've noticed, the Droid X users on here seem to be much more helpful and more of them anyway ha :).