Selling a droid


I am picking up my Bionic soon and need to sell my OG Droid. Actually, it is a Refurb that I just received back from Motorola/Best buy yesterday. It looks mint and still has the protective plastic on. I have not used it yet. Does anyone know what they are worth or where to sell it? I put an ad on craigslist but all i got so far was a few trade offers.

Thanks and sorry if this is not the right area to post this.


Lol good idea - I have all sorts of accessories, a spare battery, battery charger, ....

I'll look into swapping . selling once I have the B in my hands.


I came here to ask about the same thing. Also was wondering if anyone thought it would be better to leave the phone rooted with CM7 installed or to revert it all back to factory before selling it?