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Selling mine on eBay too!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vincentqb, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. vincentqb

    vincentqb Guest
    Thread Starter

    I'm selling my Galaxy on eBay too. Here's [​IMG]the link!

    Thanks for all the support here, I was diligently reading all the post every day.

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  2. informale

    informale Android Enthusiast

    Guys (meaning all ppl selling their i7500s on eBay),

    what is the point of posting here?

    Seriously, people who already own one wouldn't want to buy, because (a) they already own one and (b) they know that it's a troublesome device.

    Those who don't own one, probably came here to see what is said about this device on forums to make a decision whether or not to buy. Sensible person would probably not want to buy one according to what is discussed in the topics around your "for sale" ad.
  3. trin

    trin Newbie

    I second that

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