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Semi-Noob Browser Bookmark Troubles.

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by nicko43, May 9, 2012.

  1. nicko43

    nicko43 Guest
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    Okay so i have a SG S2 rooted did a nandroid backup titanium app and user data backup.
    I was running Lite'ning Rom and was happy but wanted to test the latest with ICS style which i ended up flashing fine,
    untill i tried getting my browser bookmarks back i managed to get my apps/games and certain data i wanted back but for some unknown reason the browser bookmarks did not work.
    The restore i tried was [BOOKMARKS] Internet 4.0.3-xwlp9 (15) is that the right one?

    My main questions i have are......
    1. Did i do something wrong like restore or by mistake backup of [BOOKMARKS] Internet 4.0.3-xwlp9 (15) because the 4.0.3 worrys me as i used to be on gingerbread.
    2. Just restored the wrong thing and i'm an idiot - if so what should i restore instead.
    3. Will (as annoying as it will be) doing a nandroid backup of my new rom go back to my previous backup then once on my old rom backing up my bookmarks with an app like BookmarkSB or through my computer somehow then going back to my current rom and restoring them that way?.

    Please help if you need more info just ask thanks in advance to anyone that can shed some light on this problem as i have alot of websites i use to study and alot that i can't remember that i really need.
    Cheers Nicko.


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