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Send a broadcast message to group like an amber alert?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by dorlow, Aug 4, 2020.

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    I work in IT. Because of COVID, I'm now a 100% work from home as well as the rest of my team. Now that we're all distant, when we're having a system issue where we need all hands on deck, I have a hard time getting ahold of people. Its not like at the office where an emergency happens and I walk to the cubical and get there attention. Can't do that anymore. So, im looking for an app that, if all of us have it installed, if a message is sent to the group, it would be obnoxious noises to get everyone's attention. It would be nice if we could change the priority of a message so we could send a low priority message too. It would need to work for Apple and Android. It would be nice if it was like an amber alert where you cant ignore the message.

  2. You could try Viber. I'm not sure if it does all you want.
    I worked at an Embassy for an Indian Ocean country 4 years ago. It's very big in that region and worked very well between staff / diplomats / VIPs on missions / visits here and there. I download it occasionally still.
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