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Send/Receive Chinese characters in text messages

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MortenLundberg, May 24, 2011.

  1. MortenLundberg

    Thread Starter


    In our home we have a Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) and a Galaxy 3 (or Apollo or GT-I5800) We would like to be able to send text messages using Chinese characters. Both phones have Google Pinyin installed and this works fine for e.g. GTalk or emails. However when we send text messages the messages show up as question marks.Both phones are using China Mobile SIM cards and people with other phones who have no problems sending chinese characters are also receiving "???" from us or when we get texts from them it is "???"

    Both phones are running stock Froyo versions.

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  2. Nevy P

    Nevy P Newbie

    Morten you have not stated which country you live in or where you are sending the texts to !!!

    Are you in the UK sending texts to UK mobiles ?

    Are both your phones UK spec ?

    What phone network are you on ?

    I have installed Pinyin on my phone and it works with no problems (i only installed this app just to see if it worked as my Chinese is very limited !

    I live in the UK and my girlfriend lives in China and i can text her in Chinese no problem.

    I use an App called Chinese Translator by Pleng Apps in which i write in English and it translates it (online) and then i send it (it always says that this message may not display correctly on the recipients phone but ofcourse in my case it does as she has a Chinese mobile.

    Maybe you can give me more information about about your phones and location etc and i will see if i can help you !?

    Cheers Nevy P

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