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Sending Picture Messages to Pre-Set Groups?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MarshMarlowe, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Hello all, this is my first time posting here, but I've been searching through this forum trying to find an answer/solution to this problem I'm having, and just can't suss it out. So I decided to post yet another thread on this...

    I recently purchased a Casio Commando with the Droid 2.2Froyo Op System. I'm new to smartphones - I love the phone, but it seems that the text messaging on this phone is not very intuitive.

    On my old EN-V touch, I could set up groups of contacts, and when I would receive a "joke picture message" (that's the PG version of what kind of messages these actually are), I could simply forward it to a select group of people very easily.

    Well, on the Droid, the stock text messenger does not offer this, and forces me to pick and choose recipients which is just ridiculous. I mean you'd really think these advanced pocket computers would have this option.

    So- I tried downloading the messaging apps that have been suggested on this forum (Handcent, TextEasy, TextPlus, etc...), and nothing seems to work. I'm currently using handcent because its the closest thing that seems like it should be working, but it's not. I set up groups using Handcent, but when I go to select these groups and am done selecting (End Select), none of the contacts get chosen. Furthermore, when I go to select individual contacts because group select will not work, the picture message doesn't get sent. :mad: I've tried Batch-Select, and that worked once (I think), but it's never worked again...

    Am I doing something wrong? Has someone found a solution to this? I've heard of setting up contacts through Gmail, but I'm not trying to send emails, just forward picture messages.

    Thanks everyone

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