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Sending pictures through text -- mobile data only??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bohan114, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. bohan114

    bohan114 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all, I was trying to send a photo to my girlfriend last night in a text. I have my mobile data turned off currently as I am about to reach my limit on data -- for the second time this month. I have always been under the impression that when I was connected to wifi that ALL data went in and out of that.... however the message never sent and still shows as pending. Is this because it must go out over the mobile data connection? If so, is this just a setting on the phone that can be changed?


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  2. AndroidProf

    AndroidProf Well-Known Member

    When tou send images via text, they go as MMS. Images cannot be sent like sms messages they require internet connection. There should be a setting within messages to allow you to send the images via wi-fi only or via mobile data only.
  3. acraftylady

    acraftylady Android Enthusiast

    I have had smart phones on verizon and t-mobile and have always had to have data turned on to send and receive a picture text. I got my first smart phone on t-mobile and first time I went to send a picture text I thought something was wrong as I was on wifi but they told me I needed data on to do that but on t-mobile it doesn't use data they said just needs to be on. Verizon not sure if it uses data but it has to be on to send and receive picture texts. I have no experience with other carriers. It's strange that basic phones with no Internet can send and receive picture texts just using the texting plan. Mary
  4. acraftylady

    acraftylady Android Enthusiast

    Ok I am on verizon but not using Verizon messaging but using the other one that came on the phone. The white envelope with the yellow flap, is that samsung messaging . I have been all through the message settings and there is nothing that says send over wifi. It was the same on t-mobile and they told me I had to send over data but it didn't use data. Mary
  5. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    Go SMS Pro advertises that IF you will subscribe to their service, they will send your pictures via WiFi to a webhost.

    Then your recipient will receive a link to that picture to view/download.

    I should think that their monthly fee would be a lot less than the overcharges thru the carrier.

    but, with Photobucket and any number of other hosts, you can download an app to your phone that will automatically upload the image to the webhost via WiFi.... this assumes that you make darn sure your DATA link is turned off, because if you don't, it will go thru Data.

    I use the auto upload on PhotoBucket, but I turn the app on.off depending on when I want that kind of service.

    Once the picture is on PhotoBucket, I just send my friends a link to that picture.
  6. acraftylady

    acraftylady Android Enthusiast

    I have only had my phone since August and have sent quite a few picture texts and have never gone over my data. I can't see paying for a service to send picture texts on top of what I pay my cell company. I have been all over the phone and don't see any setting that says send over wifi in the message settings. Switched over to Verizon messaging and don't see that setting their either but see one that says sync over wifi only and that's it. So can you send a picture message over wifi or not? Mary
  7. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    The SMS service is part of the basic cellphone technology and goes thru the carrier (Verizon for you and me). So, we can send pictures free of charge as long as they do not exceed the pixel size that SMS can handle.

    If the picture exceeds the minimum size, it is sent MMS and subtracts from your Data Allowance.

    If you resize your pictures to a smaller pixel format, you can get along w/o being charged for sending the pix.

    Personally, I have never used more than about 2.8 gB of data and my normal is about 850 kB per month.

    I don't send more than a handful of pictures a month, some months, none.

    No grandkids for me, just didn't happen that way so the picture thing is on job related and a few jokes. I recently set the S5's camera to minimum resolution for job pictures, when viewed on the phone as all of them are, you can't tell the difference. So, why waste money on sending larger pictures?

  8. acraftylady

    acraftylady Android Enthusiast

    Thanks, I see now. It's the same as T-Mobile you have to have data on to send picture texts but it doesn't use data. I assume all carriers work that way with a smart phone? I have 2 gigs a month and don't missing having the unlimited on T-Mobile. Mary
  9. pjones453

    pjones453 Lurker

    I'm on Cricket/AT&T and can send MMS over WiFi
  10. thequeenscheese

    thequeenscheese Android Expert

    Just get WhatsApp and tell yer missis to get it simples..
  11. sully5981

    sully5981 Well-Known Member

    From my understanding, sending MMS messages use data but do not go against data allotment. Just like verizon pointed out that VoLTE will use data (4glte) but using VoLTE will not count against data allotment.

    I could be wrong.
  12. acraftylady

    acraftylady Android Enthusiast

    Is there a setting as mentioned to send over wifi? I can't find anything so am curious. Mary
  13. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    All I have read says no, but Go SMS Pro has a subscription plan to store your MMS on their servers via WiFi, and then the recipient gets a link to download/view that MMS

    I have never used that part of Go SMS Pro. I did use it as my text app for a while, but have switched over to Textra because it is cleaner and just plain works.

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